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I like the Wildix family! Ari and I both have happy thoughts when it comes to Wildix. We like the product and we specifically like to sell this product.
Jari Kauhanen
Co-Founder - Elena Yhtiöt Oy
When COVID happened and Wildix launched the 6 months promo, one of our existing end-customers, for whom we build and support a full IT infrastructure, became open to switching to Wildix. He used to have an old Mitel system that did not fit his team’s particular needs under Covid. During the crisis, they switched from fixed PCs to Surface computers. The migration was really fast: in only one week we handled the configuration, training and on-site deployment of the Wildix system integrated with Citrix.
Marco Bosshard headshot
Marco Bosshard
Product manager and system engineer fourNET informatik ag
I was impressed that Wildix is a one-stop shop! It covers all our needs where we can deliver everything, so then we can support everything. The whole portfolio with hardware and software is quite amazing, I haven’t seen something like that before.
Frank Vestregren Vincentz

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Sales Director at ElemenTel

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Director, Co-Founder and Investor at FCP Technologies

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