Hardware as a Service

Wildix is the first Unified Communication Vendor to offer a complete range of hardware and software products as a Service. Moreover, thanks to the Wildix HWaaS formula, your customers can enjoy a fully guaranteed system and the latest products that are always updated.

To you as a Wildix Partner

Do you want to jump into the HWaaS world?

What does Hardware as a Service (HWaaS) mean?

HWaaS is the model of consumption of the future. It allows your customers to get the solution they need, without the obligations of purchasing. No wasted investments, no worries about keeping things updated, no bonds with physical equipment.

Your customers need to possess the solution, not the tools.

Free to change their goals and try new solutions, without being stuck with older hardware and software; without wasting their investment.

The VALUE for your customers

1. No more bonds – Freedom
A clear agreement, no more obligation to buy physical things doomed to become old in 5 years or less. They can change their mind at any time because it’s just a subscription to a service.

2. Always the latest technology – Updates
Wildix assures they will have the most updated products on the market. Everything is included in the service they subscribe.

3. Unconditional warranty – Safety
The insurance policy included in the contract covers everything could damage their investment. So they can stop worrying about the hardware in their company and finally just use it.

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