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Upgrade to full convenience in web-based video conferencing, all in the browser


The first professional easy-to-use video conference

Make meeting remotely as easy as meeting in person: fast, convenient and entirely through the browser. No downloads, no installations, no updates — with Wizyconf, cloud-based video conferencing is the robust solution your company needs it to be.
In an ocean of web-based meeting software, Wizyconf brings the fast web meeting capabilities you need to make video conferencing intuitive and easy. Meet with anyone, anywhere and at any time, on any device. Only Wizyconf makes it possible with an enterprise-grade cloud video platform directly in the browser.

Customer Stories

Here’s how real organizations are already meeting more efficiently with Wizyconf.

Switch to the web-based video conferencing solution that provides:


Keep every video call safe and confidential with direct, peer-to-peer connections with built-in encryption.


Meet colleagues or external guests with just a click, no downloads required.


Join conferences instantly from any device — including desktop, Android, iOS and more — right from your browser or a mobile app.
With Wizyconf, every meeting is fast, convenient and safe to join, securely in the cloud.

Wizyconf & Wildix: First in WebRTC

The Wizyconf cloud video conferencing service comes to you from Wildix, the first unified communications developer to use WebRTC for fast and responsive browser-based communications.
Wildix took advantage of WebRTC technology long before it became an industry standard. Using this open source project, Wildix created a set of solutions that brought real-time communications directly into the browser and worked with no additional plugins or software. What’s more, right from the start Wildix solutions used direct peer-to-peer connections for added security.

WebRTC is also the magic component that makes Wizyconf so straightforward and easy to use. Thanks to this technology, Wizyconf works directly in your browser complete with video, audio, chat, screen sharing and more, all without requiring a single download.

Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Built for Sales

Sales don’t come easy for your business. To land deals more consistently, you deserve the only cloud video conferencing service proven to increase sales by 52% and reduce time on workflows by 25%.

Wizyconf stands apart from other cloud video platforms with a wide range of capabilities that are built to improve your bottom line. And unlike the others, you gain access to every one of these functions directly in the browser, with no installations or updates to slow down your meeting.

Bring out the best in web-based meeting software with:
Do more with your virtual meetings by taking advantage of these and more options built for sales.

Cloud Video Conferencing for Any Context

Working today means working fully untethered: join meetings anytime, anywhere and on any device. Wizyconf is built to support exactly that kind of flexibility. Use Wizyconf right on your laptop with your built-in webcam, mic and speakers for convenient web-based video conferencing directly in your browser. While on the go, stream video conferences through your mobile devices — also entirely in your browser, with no additional downloads required.

Or take Wizyconf into the office with Wildix’s line of proprietary hardware. It’s a snap to join in no matter where you’re connecting from.

Hardware and Accessories

Go beyond just your laptop’s built-in microphone and webcam with Wildix’s line of video conferencing hardware, all purpose-built for Wizyconf.
DuoLED Headset
Experience high-quality audio and voice chat with the premier headset for video calls. The built-in LEDs on the side indicate your availability to fellow office colleagues: green for “available,” red for “in a conference,” yellow for “away” and more. Available as both wired and Bluetooth options, it’s the green light to your success!
MonoLED Headset
The same high-quality audio and status indicators as the DuoLED headset, now as a monaural device. Stay active in calls and video conferences all while keeping one ear open for office activity, all while still alerting colleagues with a simple color indicator when you’re free and when you’re busy. Also available as both wired and Bluetooth options.
  • Includes USB adapter and table stand
  • USB Type-C plug
  • Intuitive buttons for answering, hanging up and muting calls and for volume control
  • Status LEDs to indicate: online, away, do not disturb, on a call, call ringing, call held and missed call
Turn your laptop or desktop into a video conferencing station for up to 3 participants. The Huddle-Room plugs directly into a USB port and provides a full 120° webcam that easily keeps multiple colleagues in frame, and in high-definition 1080p quality. Featuring a built-in mic and speaker for convenient audio transmission, the Huddle-Room accessory makes it a cinch to expand the number of video call participants from a single device.
  • 1080p webcam with 120° ultra wide viewing angle
  • Microphone with 360° of audio input
  • One USB cable for data transmission and power supply
  • Portable case for easy use on the go

Wizyconf Station

Who says video calls in the office have to use basic equipment? Take conferences to full movie studio quality with the first complete easy-to-use video calling hardware solution, the Wizyconf Station. Use Wizyconf right on your laptop with your built-in webcam, mic and speakers for convenient web-based video conferencing directly in your browser. While on the go, stream video conferences through your mobile devices — also entirely in your browser, with no additional downloads required.

Or take Wizyconf into the office with Wildix’s line of proprietary hardware. It’s a snap to join in no matter where you’re connecting from.


PC unit running Chrome OS
4k Cam
1 ultra HD 4K static
webcam with 120°
1 HD webcam with AI-powered optical zoom and pan, tilt and zoom functions
Mic (2)
A pair of microphones for installation on desks or ceilings
Remote control with a simple button interface
Stand A+B
1 aluminum height-adjustable cart for 1 to 3 monitors (not included)

Experience Cloud Video Conferencing at Its Best

While the biggest names in video calling require downloads and put up roadblocks, Wizyconf cloud video conferencing by comparison provides pure simplicity. No more last-minute updates stopping you from joining on time. No more installations sitting on your device taking up space. No more clunky security add-ons providing overly complicated protection at the cost of convenience. With Wizyconf, every remote meeting becomes all about collaboration and your colleagues, not clunky and inhibitive web-based meeting software.
Discover the Wizyconf Station
Ready to see Wizyconf in action?

Conference More Quickly with More Guests

Putting together a meeting should be about sharing ideas, not struggling with software or waiting on downloads. That’s why adding participants to a Wizyconf meeting is completely simple no matter if they’re in your organization or external guests.

Simply create a meeting directly in Wildix Collaboration or x-bees at a scheduled date and time, then invite guests by adding their email addresses. Anyone added will receive an invite to the conference as a simple link, plus an event for Google Calendar. To join a Wizyconf conference, simply click the link in the email or the Calendar event; participants then come into the room directly in their browser, with no installations or updates interrupting them at the last minute.
But invites aren’t the only way into a Wizyconf call. Add more participants just by sharing the conference link; anyone inside your organization or outside it can join in just by following the URL through their browser.

Best of all, because Wizyconf is a fully browser-based cloud video platform, any participant can join immediately on any device. No matter if they’re on desktop or mobile, Android or iOS, tablet or laptop, they can hop on at a moment’s notice for no-fuss collaboration. Thanks to a shared codebase and UI between the browser version and mobile app, it takes zero additional training to use Wizyconf on the go. Wizyconf even works through the dedicated Wildix Vision and SuperVision desktop phones for maximum flexibility. Invite anyone in at any time, instantly, and on any device. That’s cloud-based video conferencing done right.

Meet in Total Safety, Every Time

Thanks to WebRTC, Wizyconf establishes voice and video connections that are fully secure by design: every meeting is confidential and safe from hackers without ever requiring additional protections like firewalls, SBCs or VPNs.
WebRTC vs. a VPN connection. Using WebRTC, communications take a direct path to connected users, preventing outside interference without having to create the “tunnel” of a VPN.
WebRTC doesn’t run as a plugin or a program that must be installed on your PC; it’s simply a built-in function of your browser. As a result, even if a device has been hacked or infected with spyware, WebRTC communications will not be compromised. At no stage of its direct browser-to-browser communications does WebRTC use a separate piece of software, making it exceptionally difficult for hackers to break into.
For extra security, enable password locks for conferences to keep out uninvited guests. Then, keep your conference recordings fully secure with a private server that allows only meeting creators to download any recorded meetings.

With Wizyconf, collaboration is completely private and safe from attacks with zero additional setup or plugins.
In the moment, take control of your conference with complete moderation controls, including:

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