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Your value is not in the PBX you sell.
Here’s how the Cloud can double your revenue in three years

The market is already experiencing the rise of hosted/cloud solutions over on-premises systems. Do you have a winning strategy to face the challenge of shifting towards the cloud?

Like every turning point, this change can either be a catastrophe or a great victory.

If you don’t change, you’ll hear ‘NO’ from your customers more and more, and you’ll earn less and less from the increasingly low margins they’ll pay you.

Sales cycles are long, and your customers don’t understand why they should choose you over a competitor. If you stay in this scenario, your company will suffer and risk going under.

If you want to turn these pitfalls into opportunities, you need a partner that puts you at the center of their operations, brings you innovative, original and secure technology, and offers you guaranteed revenue.

You need a vendor who can anticipate the challenges of the market.

You deserve secure and consistent revenue and a partner who can ensure you have a growing business built on usage-based pricing.

The cloud brings you a clear economic advantage with a new business model, one that moves away from the struggles of legacy PBXs and toward recurring revenue and guaranteed income.

Moving to a subscription model, you’ll offer customers an all-inclusive subscription to take advantage of your services and support.

Here’s where your business grows automatically thanks to consistent recurring revenues from subscription fees.


How would the way you work change if your vendor wanted to make money with you, not off of you? What if you were able to turn three out of every four leads into contracts?

Imagine if your company was supported at the center of an ecosystem of professionals,
where you’re treated as a competent business owner and not just a brand’s reseller.

Here are the five indispensable characteristics you need to create a winning partnership:


Support from training to installation
→ Offers you training and webinars and does not charge you for it. Ensures your first installation will happen within 90 days after signing your contract. Supports you in deployment.


The freedom to set your own margins
→ The price list is private and available only to you. For this reason, you are free to decide how much you earn on each sale.


True transparency
→ Documentation is available online for everyone, with no hidden information and no last-minute surprises. You can contact anyone, from technicians to the CEO, on Facebook in real-time.


Help in expanding your customer portfolio
→ A marketing kit to support your company and your search for new customers, as well as assistance in maintaining those clients you already have. Help in organizing roadshows at no extra cost.


The latest generation in systems
→ WebRTC and cloud and great software are the basis of a serious relationship of trust. All that, plus a full refund if you are not satisfied.

Wildix is the first 100% WebRTC PBX browser-based and secure by design

Don’t just take our word for it: read the testimony of Beau Bearden, Sales manager of USNET, a company based in Arlington, Texas.

The competitive advantage is simple: Wildix has created a new business unit dedicated exclusively to the cloud.
You need a clear positioning in the market that turns to the Cloud. That’s why Wildix supports you in your marketing: so that your positioning is also strong, defined and identifiable among competitors.

Wildix is Unified Communication for companies from 50 to 1,000 users who are looking for a solution that is easy to use (web-based), secure and able to facilitate business (WebRTC Kite).


UP TO + 52%

(fewer and fewer customers call you by phone to buy) Wildix is THE ONLY PBX that brings you SALES FROM YOUR WEBSITE. WebRTC Kite uses the WebRTC for direct and bidirectional communication with the visitor of the page.



(UC&Cs require client installation) Wildix is a totally web-based, mobile-first and BYOD solution.



(PBXs require SBC and VPN to work remotely) Wildix is secure by design, i.e. there is no need for SBC or VPN because voice and data are ALWAYS protected because it is created with native encryption systems.

You need a vendor 100% dedicated to the channel. A vendor that:

You need a tool for your business customers who want to increase productivity in a 100% secure way. And this is only possible thanks to your skills as an ICT professional.


You are an essential part of the Wildix value: Wildix solutions are designed around your work and you will sell your skills combined with a truly cutting-edge product.
They will buy your value at your price and not just a product. Because your work gives value to the solution.

Wildix exists because of you

Stop selling a product, sell your value.