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In a world in which information is always more digital and “fast,” Wildix has decided to go against the grain and make a publication on paper available and, as such, make it “slow”; slow in use, in order for it to give our readers the time to reflect and assimilate its examination in the most complete way, far from the frenzy of everyday activities.

We want this publication to be a source of constant inspiration for your business, making it possible for you to always be one step ahead.




Issue 10

  • EDITORIAL – From Pandemic to Prosperity: Looking Back and Ahead
  • END USER CASE STUDY – The David Chiossone Institute & Wildix
  • COVER STORY – Wildix Integrations Build Up Microsoft Teams for STRAIT
  • END USER CASE STUDY – TLG Transitions to an Agile and Flexible Environment with Wildix by Everything Voice
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Even Parma Calcio 1913 Chooses Wildix
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Platte County, Nebraska — Courthouse & Government Offices
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Innovatel Adopts the Wildix Solution
  • END USER CASE STUDY – voit stefan gmbh – The Steel Manufacturer
  • PARTNER STORY – Altitude Communications Reaches New Heights with Wildix
  • PARTNER STORY – BTS Communications, a Partner That’s Building, Thriving & Succeeding
  • WOMEN IN TECH – The Women in Tech from Wildix’s Odessa Branch
  • TECH – The Latest Buzz on x-bees
  • TECH – Are VPNs Necessary for the Modern Worker?
  • TECH – What Should a Transition to Cloud Communications Look Like?
  • TECH – 2021, Year 0 of WebRTC
  • SALES – The Wildix Product Lineup and the Customer Journey
  • SALES – 5 Tips for Better Webinars
  • SALES – Exceeding Customer Expectations with the Cloud
  • MARKETING – Be Set for Success through Positioning
  • MARKETING – The Power of the Customer’s Voice in a Virtual World
  • MARKETING – How the Cloud Can Unify Marketing Efforts
  • WILDIX VERSUS – Wildix vs. 8×8
  • INTEGRATIONS – Wildix + Hansen Software, Now Available Worldwide



previous Issues

Issue 9

  • EDITORIAL – Going Greener and Working Smarter
  • NEWS FROM THE COMPANY – Transfer of Wildix’s Registered Office to Odessa
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Using Wildix to Combat COVID at Peru’s Institute of Tropical Medicine Alexander von Humboldt
  • END USER CASE STUDY – School ICT Services Ltd reduce their operational costs by 70% thanks to Wildix
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Unleashing the Communications Potential for Big Dog Satellite & Solar
  • END USER CASE STUDY – The LARNAY SAGESSE Organization Pursues Its Mission of Support with the Wildix Smart Working solution
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Armed Against Weak Bandwidth with Wildix
  • COVER STORY – Retaining Margins with Wildix
  • PARTNER STORY – Wildix and Keycoes
  • PARTNER STORY – Wildix Keeping Up the Pace in Belgium
  • PARTNER STORY – Nebula Voice Gains Astronomical Value with Wildix
  • WOMEN IN TECH – Kelly Hopp, Marketing Manager at Altitude Communications
  • TECH – An Intro to React and React Native
  • TECH – Devices for Home Working
  • TECH – Deploying a UC System: Start Simple, Add Later
  • SALES – Smart Work at the Movies: A Continuity Story
  • WILDIX VERSUS – Wildix vs. Google Meet
  • INTEGRATION – How to be 100% Sales Oriented?
  • MARKETING – I See My Staff at Their Desks, and I Can Sleep Peacefully…
  • SALES PAGE – Earning Trust:An Essential Start to Any Sale
  • MARKETING – Mining for Gold
  • ANALYSIS – Practical Tips for a Successful Transition to Telework

Issue 8

  • EDITORIAL – Smart Work: The New Way of Working
  • LETTERS FROM ESTONIA – Enter the Vampire Vendor
  • COVER STORY – Northwest Pipe Fittings: A Wildix Solution in the American West
  • PARTNER STORY – Wildix & Netmetix – A Winning Partnership
  • PARTNER STORY – Comtex Continues Their Growth with Wildix
  • PARTNER STORY – Converting 50% of Turnover Customers to OPEX Thanks to Wildix
  • WEBRTC – Wildix WebRTC Solutions Give Value-Adding Services to Channel Partners
  • FOCUS: SMART WORKING – Don’t Get Scammed on Your Smart Working Platform
  • FOCUS: SMART WORKING – Staying on Track When You’re Working from Home
  • ANALYSIS & TRENDS – The Concrete Value Found in the Cloud
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Ambrosoli Spa: Passion, Tradition and Innovation
  • END USER CASE STUDY – CAF Places Its Trust in Wildix Remote Communication Solutions to Remain Close to Its Beneficiaries
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Children’s Hospice South West Connects Families with Wildix
  • WOMEN IN TECH – Equal Pay, Equal Respect and Equal Results
  • WILDIX VERSUS – Wildix VERSUS Zoom: A Security Showdown
  • FOCUS: SMART WORKING – “Too Small for Smart Working”? Think Again!
  • FOCUS: SMART WORKING – Activating Smart Work Technology
  • FOCUS: SMART WORKING – Smart Working with Slow Internet
  • SALES – Appreciating Your Overlooked Assets
  • MARKETING – Make Chat Part of the e-Commerce Customer Journey
  • MARKETING – If You’re Not on LinkedIn, You’re Only Halfway There
  • FOCUS: SMART WORKING – Smart Working, Smart Loving, Smart Living
  • MARKETING – Do You Know Where Your Marketing Stands?

Issue 7

  • EDITORIAL – Are you being dragged along, or are you in control? And most importantly: do you know where you’re headed?
  • LETTRES D’ESTONIE – That’s globalization, honey!
  • TRENDS – Bye – Bye, System Integrator!
  • COVER STORY – Selling rental property without setting foot in the customer’s building!
  • PARTNER STORY – “Going “live” in a couple of hours: it’s possible!”
  • PARTNER STORY – Wildix recruits its first Partner in Scotland!
  • PARTNER STORY – The importance of making customers happy
  • PARTNER STORY – The most desirable ICT solution
  • END USER CASE STUDY – When the phone works, productivity increases
  • END USER CASE STUDY – “Everything is easier now!”
  • END USER CASE STUDY – With the right UCC solution, nothing’s impossible
  • END USER CASE STUDY – More safety and control in industrial work
  • TECH & FAMIlY – UC&C: Helping with Newborns
  • TECH – Free to move and communicate
  • TECH – Hosted, Managed, or Cloud? Or Something Else?
  • INTEGRATIONS – How to compete against
  • Microsoft Teams
  • IDEAS – Your business strategy has to evolve
  • IDEAS – The “Pomodoro Technique” and other tips to improve your business and wellness
  • MARKETING – Social Selling
  • MARKETING – 7 Tips for Customer Relationship Management
  • MARKETING – Sparking Desire!

Issue 6

  • EDITORIAL – You’ve Got to Be Different to Make a Difference
  • LETTERS FROM ESTONIA – The Reality Is That No One Wants a PBX
  • COVER STORY – Vatacom+Medifast, UC&C makes light work
  • PARTNER STORY – EmiRoNet: Competitors Turned Allies Conquer the Market
  • PARTNER STORY – telconn GmbH: Installing Becomes Fun
  • PARTNER STORY – The Wildix Solution Gets a Pair of Eyes with These Connected Glasses
  • PARTNER STORY – Ampletech increased their Customers satisfaction by nearly 100%. Here’s how
  • END USER CASE STUDY – How VPharma saved 20% of their ICT budget in 5 years
  • WOMEN IN TECH – Bethan Ganjavi
  • WILDIX TECH WIZARD – News from the Community
  • WILDIX TECH WIZARD – I’m loving installs!
  • FACE TO FACE WITH OUR COMPETITORS – Wildix against telephone operators
  • SCENARIOS – Artificial Intelligence – New Frontier for Unified Communications
  • TECH – Are Passwords and Authentication protocols REALLY safe? Not always, indeed.
  • TECH – The obstacles that prevent a company from achieving its business goals
  • TECH – The truth about WMS 4.0, once and for all

Issue 5

  • Editorial – There is one objective for 2019: have your clients chosen UCaaS
  • Letter From Estonia – GO MSP OR GO HOME: Why it is important to seize the challenge of the market
  • Cover Story – Best Partner 2018 : US NET – How one company transformed their business with Cloud
  • Wildix Testimonial – United Kingdom – ARROW COMMS LTD
  • Wildix Testimonial – Germany – IT2DAY
  • Wildix Testimonial – France – PRESTIGE TELEPHONY
  • Wildix Podium – The best partners 2018 in terms of revenues
  • Case Study – France – The accounting firm CTN France retakes control of its own telecom system with the Wildix solution
  • Case Study – Europe – Demand breeds supply: Introducing WMS Network with Failover
  • Sales Article – Gartner IT Forecast: Projection for 2019 for system integrators. Will it be a year for growth or will it bring defeat?
  • Wildix Tech Wizards – The best posts on the famous group Wildix Tech Wizards
  • Women In Tech – Beatrice Poretti
  • Special Unicomm 2018 – Unicomm: the method for system integrators and MSPs to close multiple negotiations
  • From The Market – Whatever Happened to WebRTC?
  • Product : Cloud – Principal characteristics of the Wildix Unified Communications & Collaboration solution offered on Cloud platform
  • Wildix Positioning – What is Positioning?
  • Wildix Versus – Wildix vs. Toshiba
  • Tech Article – Determining Integration Requirements
  • Tech Article – Increase Call Center Productivity Using the Right Technology
  • Marketing Article – Advising the gold digger to go look for gold in a bank!

Issue 4

  • Editorial – The difference between integrators and providers is not minimal
  • Wildix Testimonial – How to use the bravado of the adversary to drag him by his jersey to score a goal in his own goal post
  • Wildix Testimonial – Tool IT
  • Wildix Testimonial – ElemenTel
  • Case History – Davines S.p.A.
  • Case History – Carpe Diem Nursing Home
  • Product Use Case – Not just airports, hospitals or supermarkets: discover how to use W-PA also in the smallest environments!
  • Sales Point – The 6 obstacles that block the growth of the system integrator
  • Women In Tech – Cyna Milinazzo – Liberty Communications
  • Vertical Markets: Hotels – The missing link for hotel websites to increase direct bookings by 20%
  • Wildix Tech Wizards
  • Tech Point – Transport Protocols over the web: Bosch and WebSocket
  • Tech Point – What is two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Marketing – Your target is the dictator of your activities
  • Wildix Presents The Team – The Wildix Country Managers

Issue 3

  • Editorial – Are you ready for a well- carried out conversational AI?
  • Interview – Who is Cristiano Bellumat
  • Wildix Testimonial – Wildix VS Samsung: a partner story
  • Wildix Testimonial – Printer sellers are hitting it off with Wildix, but why? A french story…
  • Case History – South Tyrol Museum of archeology
  • Wildix Tech Wizard – Why is the most important information for the Wildix partners published in a Facebook group?
  • Sales Point – The strategy stolen from the automative industry to stack up recurring revenues for high profit margins, even when the sales of switchboards and UC&C have stopped
  • Wildix News – Wildix presents the new Supervision phone at Cebit in Hannover
  • Tech Point – Is artificial intelligence the next major technological revolution?
  • Tech Point – Web-based VS native apps: which to choose?
  • Tech Point – Slow your roll: how to update your customers’ software without annoying them
  • Marketing – How Wildix helps you deal with change
  • Marketing – 4 essential tips to build a Marketing Strategy
  • Wildix VS Competitors – Wildix Vs Mitel or David against Goliath.
  • Wildix award – Thaïland Trip – Platinum Days.

Issue 2

  • Editorial – WebRTC Praise: how much it has given us, and how much more it can give us
  • Interview – Who is Dimitri Osler?
  • Wildix Testimonial – EMIRONET
  • Wildix Testimonial – ASSUTECH
  • Case History – The official Nikon and iRobot distributor chooses Wildix for the customer care
  • #wconvention 2018  The Results – The Wildix Convention was held in Venice on January 12
  • Ascom Unite Messaging Suite – Business-critical information to the right person at the right time and place
  • Ellysse – Ellysse & Wildix strategic partners for Customer Service 4.0
  • SCHRACK SECONET – We protect values and people
  • Tech Point – Streamlined and effective communication: UC that works
  • Sales Point – How to prevent an internal attack toward your UC&C investment
  • Sales Point – Put the engine to on- line customer service and triumph in the Grand Prix of Sales
  • Marketing – The nine rules to be followed to prevent marketing from caus- ing disasters that the administration must then fix!
  • Wildix VS Avaya A battle won in advance!
  • Really? You’re still selling desktop applications?
  • Communication via telephone: is it still classic or becoming obsolete?

Issue 1

  • Editorial – Security in Unified Communication & Collaboration: flaws and virtue of two-factor authentication.
  • The cover – Who is Steve Osler?
  • Wildix Testimonial – D.T.E. Inc. – Mansfield, OHIO.
  • Wildix Testimonial – Floris S.R.L. – Roma.
  • Focus – How to offer your services and not to lose customers.
  • System integrators’ days are numbered… You need a plan B. – The Unified Communication & Collaboration market will lose 30 to 35% over the next 24 months.
  • Tech Point – Comparing 3CX and Wildix and how PBXs have
    changed over the last 30 years.
  • The Cloud is For Everyone – Cloud not only suitable for a specific category of com- panies or users.
  • Marketing – How to write an email and actually have it read by
    your customer.
  • Tech News – WebRTC Kite Support on Apple Safari 11 for Mac OS X.
  • Problem solved – Telephone technician and multi-site systems.
  • Wildix World – 10 reasons to choose a Wildix phone and not another
    IP terminal in a Wildix system.
  • This deadly security error in the telephone network can cost your company dearly! – What you need to do, is to adopt a system that guarantees the security of every single component.


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