The only customer communication management platform you need: x-bees

x-bees is the customer management communication solution you need for managing leads, improving customer service and increasing sales — and it's from Wildix, the only European UCaaS provider on the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

xbees focuses on:
  • Realtime customer communications
  • Sales enablement
  • Customer retention and satisfaction
Gartner® has positioned x-bees in the Magic Quadrant™ for UCaaS

Think what would happen if you had a powerful two-way communication platform that integrated chat, audio and video to let you reach prospects and customers in real-time. This means control over your leads and easy sales automation.

Even better, imagine if logging into Salesforce or another CRM is done automatically and any necessary notes are added during a call. This lets your salespeople focus on what’s important: talking to customers and understanding their needs. That’s true engagement, without the need to continuously document and report every interaction.

And then business intelligence integration, powered by Gong, notes dates, numbers, business competitors and objections automatically. No need to spend hours tediously listening to calls from each customer, making the sales experience much easier on your colleagues.
You have all the information you need to convert your leads, upsell products and get those deals. And apps make it simple to do this on mobile devices as well. 
That's the power of x-bees, the ultimate customer communication management tool.
How Real People Use the x-bees Customer Communication Management Platform

cobie Codie has multiple external decision-makers involved, but their current customer communication management platform requires each person to be contacted separately or together via email — there's no real-time group chat with external clients. 
With x-bees, it's simple to add additional external people to the chat and generate calls from that so that everyone can provide input and stay informed. No need for long email chains to document each step! Even better, there’s meeting scheduling and calendar integration via Office 365 and Google Calendar. 

harrietHarriet wants to check leads generated by a marketing webinar. However, there's no record in the CRM because these leads weren't logged properly — her salespeople are focused on other more solid prospects and customers, and logging new prospects may not happen with her current customer communication management tool.
With x-bees, data and notes can quickly be added manually during a call. 

amirAmir needs to train his team to focus on the best sales techniques for his business, but his current customer communication management system means he has to listen to each call manually. Consequently, he finds himself micromanaging each salesperson to document points of improvement.
x-bees makes it easy to check the status of each lead, when dates or plans were discussed and objections raised through the power of its BI integration, powered by Gong. Now he just has to quickly review notes, not 30-minute calls, to help improve customer engagement.

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Generating Buzz From Your Customers With a Fit-For-Purpose Enterprise Solution
All of these features make the customer experience much smoother, enabling more rapid decisions, better accountability and data on each customer interaction. This makes your company sales funnel an easier process to manage, as well, whether you use Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho or another CRM.
And the xbees platform aligns perfectly with other aspects of your sales funnel to make it a truly unified customer communication management platform. The Wildix suite of tools includes needed metrics and additional communications solutions such as SMS, and hardware such as IP phones can be added throughout your business. No matter your business process, x-bees offers integrations and options to suit your business marketing and lead generation needs.
x-bees lets you support your sales process with versatile software that delivers everything you require. You can even take sales on the go with a seamless mobile application for any major device that works identically to the web app. As a customer communication management platform, x-bees is unparalleled.
Customer Communication Management Platform Powered By WebRTC
x-bees, like most Wildix communication solutions, is powered by WebRTC — we were the first UC&C vendor to realize the power of browser-based applications natively. This means it simply opens up in your web browser:
  • No more complex deployments
  • No external SBCs or VPNs
  • Simple intuitive communication interface
This makes training easy. Users sign in, and they have access to everything they need in front of them — almost no help required. As a customer communication management system, x-bees simply works with the power of a stable, reliable phone system behind it. 
Your customers can now communicate with you no matter where they are. Choose x-bees and create powerful sales solutions through this unique communication management software.
Engage Customers Throughout the Sales Channel
With the sheer range of customer communication options delivered by x-bees, you can engage your clients and customers across all your communications channels and build your brand with consistent messaging and personalized customer service within your organization.
  • Drive your customer base from your website to x-bees via WebRTC Kite
  • Ensure your staff can create a great relationship with each customer through chat, audio and video conferencing
  • Design complex customer sales funnels using Salesforce, Zoho or Hubspot to manage leads in xbees and ensure theyre accessibleeven if sales staff leave your organization
  • Leverage calendar integration with Office 365 and Google Calendar to set up meetings with multiple decisionmakers
  • Use business intelligence through Gong to understand the current state of each conversation, lead and deal and analyze whether you meet customer expectations.
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Essentially, x-bees speeds everything up:

x-bees is the perfect customer communication management platform to bee-lieve in.

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