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I really feel like, from top to bottom, we're known by Wildix. We're appreciated by Wildix, and they want to see us grow as much as we do. It's really what a partnership should be like, and I've never experienced that with another manufacturer.
Craig Davies
CEO of Pulse Technologies
The Wildix partner strategy is really effective because it allows an organization that is used to installing on-premise equipment to slide right into this hosted option without changing their model other than the way that they sell it. There's also the ability to enhance the value of your organization quite a bit because you're moving from a contractor to a service provider, and that does wonders for the valuation and long-term stability of the company.
Dan Cady
Founder and president of Cady Business Technologies
We still learn about a new feature every day. There's still so much that's in the package. Just having so many tools in one license is pretty powerful, since I don't need 13 SKUs or 13 different licenses to make something happen from an innovation standpoint.
Marshall Anderson
President of Altitude Communications
If you want it, Wildix can do it. That was also a big selling point to us: it's a true turnkey solution. We can spin up a customer in just a few hours and get them rockin' and rollin'.
Brian Johnson
Vice President at Nebula Voice
[Wildix] has given us a really sophisticated product that fits our market extremely well. Now, we've got something to show every single person in this province. There are very few businesses that won’t benefit from the product.
David Guberman
President of Telexperts
A lot of clients are migrating to Wildix for security purposes — and for, of course, the advanced features. And it’s a simple migration for our clients because we’re still the vendor supporting them, equipment- and dial tone-wise... With Wildix, our clients can remain our clients: we program, we bill, and it’s all within our control.
Cheryl Sawyer
Vice President Comtex Inc.
I’m not losing my clients, because I now can transition them to the Wildix solutions, and because we are still their vendor that they know and trust, and will take care of them no matter what.
Cyna Milinazzo
Cyna Milinazzo
President and CEO of Liberty Communications
We were finding the PBX system we were previously offering was limiting what we could do for our clients. Mainly, the issues were slow development that was not partner-driven, lack of configuration flexibility, and a non-partner friendly ecosystem.
Chad Grahek
Grahek Technology, Owner Grahek Technologys
The days of having an onsite PBX or hardware are slowly coming to an end, and Wildix has provided a product that will help us stay relevant. [...] I've never seen a system in the past that does what Wildix will do. Now, it's the only product we're dealing with.
Loren Cleveland
Owner of BTS Communications
In 2017, we saw the market growing and changing, from on-premise to cloud. So we took it upon ourselves to do that too.
Beau Bearden
Sales Manager Cleod9 Voice
We liked it because I come from a technical background and so being able to spin up hardware without having to literally log into every single piece of hardware to set something up saves labor. It makes it easier for clients that we have that are around the country to ship them out a new piece of equipment and they can just plug it in. And it just works, right out of the box.
Raymond Paskey
President at Class 5
Yeah, off the top of my head, I would say probably a 20% increase in revenue, just switching to Wildix.
Ben Keysor
President at Proficient Technologies

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