fourNET informatik ag partner story

Marco Bosshard has been with the Switzerland-based company fourNET for the last 3 years. An apprentice to a system engineer in computer science, he has worked in VoIP since the beginning of his 10-year career in IT. Now, he is the product manager and system engineer for fourNET.

A specialist in UCC, fourNET is focused on providing communication solutions to end-customers or even to other MSPs that need the company’s technical expertise and support for major deployments, such as a recent example where fourNET helped a Wildix Partner with a 900-user installation. In other cases, MSPs bring the company leads that they can’t manage technically.

In all such instances, these collaborations are the result of the Wildix ecosystem and its powerful influence, as Mr Bosshard explained.

“If you are willing to network inside the ecosystem, you would be surprised by how much strength there is in it,” he told us.

Mr Bosshard started working with the Wildix system at the beginning of his experience at fourNET. At the time, fourNET had only just recently added Wildix to their portfolio.

After quickly latching onto the Wildix solution and the possibilities it presented, Mr Bossardh started to expand the Wildix offering available from his company.

“Wildix is kind of my baby in fourNET,” he remarked.

fourNET’s technical team is mainly composed of technicians from an IT background, which has become a major advantage in the telecom market as the most vital skills for Wildix and for VoIP in general are knowledge in networking and integration.

“If you are able to master both, VoIP architecture is a piece of cake,” explained Mr Bossardh.

“Having a background in general systems is our strength,” he elaborated. “All of my team comes from IT, and we have all the knowledge necessary to manage a company’s phone system. We have knowledge about CitrixMicrosoft and virtualization in general. 120 to 150 Wildix PBXs are running through fourNET.”

Mr Bosshard also explained the business he and fourNET conducted during the 2020 pandemic:

“When COVID happened and Wildix launched the 6 months promo, one of our existing end-customers, for whom we build and support a full IT infrastructure, became open to switching to Wildix.

“He used to have an old Mitel system that did not fit his team’s particular needs under Covid. During the crisis, they switched from fixed PCs to Surface computers. The migration was really fast: in only one week we handled the configuration, training and on-site deployment of the Wildix system integrated with Citrix.”

In addition to Wildix, Mr Bosshard also described the importance he and his team place on the Citrix solution.

He explained, “My team and I achieved two Citrix certifications — ‘Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Service in Microsoft Azure’ and ‘Moving to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Service in Citrix Cloud with Microsoft Azure’ — in order to sell Citrix the right way and take a deep dive into those new services. Now, we have the knowledge.”

“Even though Citrix is one of the bigger virtual desktop providers, Microsoft Virtual desktop is winning additional market share every day because it is more accessible. But Citrix has the positioning of providing a secure and customised platform, as well as many functions and a secure interface that’s accessible from different environments — such as phones, desktops or the browser — with only one sign-on.”

Still, to Mr Bosshard, Wildix was worth emphasizing as its own solution within the larger UCC market.

What I like most about Wildix is its innovation,” he said. “We work with other VoIP solutions, and all PBXs basically work the same way. But in Wildix, with the WebRTC solution and such an open API, we have so many connections that permit us to do so many things on our own and change the entire system to perfectly fit the needs of end-customers. I really like that the system is so open to integration and changes. On other systems, you can change the basic settings, but you can’t go as deep as you can with Wildix. Compared to other systems, where you run an entire Windows server just for the telephony system, Wildix doesn’t need a lot of space.

“Also, the Wildix Cloud is a big plus. 99% of our customers are using the Cloud. For the 1% left, you just need a small virtual machine. And this small space doesn’t affect Wildix’s capacity. You would be surprised by what the PBX is able to manage. We once launched 10,000 calls at the same time and it didn’t crash. The system was still running without a glitch. With Wildix, it’s just easy to integrate and personalise the settings.”