New releases and Updates


WMS Stable changelog: all the latest features, improvements and fixes.
Update repository: rel380


Update from rel380beta repository and install the latest WMS beta
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Discover the highlights of WMS version 3.88 released on April 20 2018: GDPR Security, protection against SCRF attacks, cURL SMS sending, PBX Jitter Buffer, phones assignment before provisioning…

vision changelog

Vision –  the phone for your WebRTC video conferences. To get the most out of your Vision phone, make sure it is updated to the latest version! Learn about the latest features and fixes.

wildix collaboration android

Wildix Collaboration Android App extends Wildix Unified Communications to your mobile phone and tablet.
Read the changelog to learn about the most recent features, improvements and fixes.

wildix collaboration ios

Wildix Collaboration iOS App extends Wildix Unified Communications to your iPhone and iPad.
Read the changelog to learn about the most recent features, improvements and fixes.

wms 3.87

WMS 3.87 released in January 2018 introduces graphical and usability improvements to Collaboration, enables dynamic login to call groups using Collaboration, chat sync over Collaboration, Android app and WP600AXX…

wms 3.86

WMS 3.86 released in November 2017 contains numerous features and improvements related to user passwords security, license activation, system upgrade, WMS and Collaboration interface usability and many other.

wms 3.85

WMS Version 3.85 introduces graphical and usability improvements to Wildix Collaboration and adds support for Two factor authentication (2FA), allowing you to add an extra layer of security to your Wildix Collaboration account.


WP600A / WP600ACG Changelog: read about new features and fixes of Wildix Phone application and new Firmware for WP600AXX

Microservices Changelog: new features and improvements in Kite, ubiconf Conference, Integration Service, Screen sharing component…


Changelog of Collaboration Native App for Windows and MacOS Changelog