Elena Yhtiöt Oy Partner Story

Founded by two friends, Elena Yhtiöt Oy, brings the Finnish philosophy of ice baths and saunas into the telecommunication world. As the first Wildix partners in Finland they laid the groundwork for smooth communication and the freedom of choice for its customers.

We spoke to Jari Kauhanen and Ari Seppänen, the two co-founders of Elena Yhtiöt Oy, to discover their thoughts for the future and high hopes when it comes to working with the Wildix solution.

“We are quite an old company, started in 1998, and have been selling PBX systems the whole time. We are very happy to have the Wildix Cloud service in our portfolio to offer to our customers,” Jari said.

“We put a lot of effort and money into selling other systems that just ended up not working properly. Not for the customers to use and not for us to manage and provide. And then Wildix was introduced to us,” he continues.

“We decided to check it out, and now it has been two years since and we are looking at a very good future with Wildix.”

Speaking about the Finnish market and what sets them apart, Jari explained:
“In Finland we have few, but very large, operators that have the majority of the market and have a better opportunity to give special prices and offers. But we know that Wildix is a better solution, so when price is not the major factor, the Wildix solution is the obvious choice.” Wildix contains a lot of features in one solution, which is a huge benefit. The solution can grow and scale with the customer. They can start with the very basics and know that there are many more complementary features they can add on as they expand.”

Discussing the value of the Wildix solution, Ari had more to say:

The end-users are very happy with the solution. I just spoke to one today, who gave the solution, the technician and the installation process 10/10. They get fast help and solutions to whatever challenges and issues they end up facing.

Speaking about their hopes with the partnership with Wildix, Jari said, “I like the Wildix family! Ari and I both have happy thoughts when it comes to Wildix. We like the product and we specifically like to sell this product. Our end-users are satisfied, which makes us happy.”