Dutybee is the new way to manage the company. It combines the flexibility of a cloud software with the simplicity of a smartphone application.
CRM, time management, invoices and payments management.





What is Dutybee?

Dutybee is the cloud service for project management, including opportunities, operational processes and the administrative tasks management. Its innovative activity tracking system provides realistic analysis of profitability by customer / project / department / employee.


Examples of usage:
  • Salespeople out of the office can use their smartphones to access the customer data and track phone calls, trips and visits.
  • Colleagues can use their smartphones to track the activities and decide which of them should be invoiced.
  • Administrative assistants can create in a semi-automatic mode receipts, invoices and reports.
  • Managers can analyze the results to take important business decisions based on the realistic data.
  • Tight integration between the web application and the smartphone app.
  • Auto tracking of calls, trips, visits to customers.
  • Attachments, documents and photo loading from smartphone.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Google Apps.
  • Easy documents’ and customer data sharing.
  • Easy tracking of activity, tasks, business processes.
  • Quick reports on company activities and economic performance.
  • Receipts, invoices and payments management.
  • Cost reduction
  • Productivity boost
  • Profit growth
  • Customer satisfaction increase
  • PC: a web browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, upgraded to the latest version etc.)
  • Any Android smartphone / tablet
Available in the following languages:

Italian, English, German



Manufacturer information

Informatica Veneta offers cloud application development sevices for SMEs. Its leading products are Dutybee (specially developed for SMEs) and Fliptonic (for fitness industry / pools access control management).


Informatica Veneta



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