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Sozias is a system integrator located in Valencia, Spain, that arose from the need to offer to its customers the best unified communication system to cover all their needs. In 2020, they became Wildix Gold Partners, being able to reach more potential clients through omnichannel solutions, flexibility and a 100% secure by design approach through the magic of Wildix WebRTC unified communications.

About the product

Sozias started to develop Wildix Odoo integration in early 2021. Their Odoo developers received the help of the Wildix support team to get the most out of the WMS API and secure the connection to the PBX. They will keep improving this integration with new features. This integration has been live since April 2022 after a test and QA period.
  • Type of Integration: Partner Certified (SOZIAS)
  • Type of Connection:: Mixe of pop-up URL, Wi-Service and API
  • Wildix Product Concerned: Wildix Collaboration
  • ADDITIONAL INTEGRATION CHARGES: contact Sozias for amount of yearly fees


Wildix License

Wildix UC-Business
or UC-Premium license

Level of Expertise

Expert +


In construction

Supported Features through Odoo by Sozias and Wildix Integrations

Odoo Caller contact page window pop up on incoming call

Click to call on the Odoo contact page

Button to access call history of the contact

Call logs: Description of call, direction, duration, users, recording file

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