SAP Business One

SAP Business One and Wildix integration increase daily operations speed for medium and large companies.

Type of Integration: Wildix Certified
Type of Connection: TAPI
Wildix Product Concerned: ERP

About SAP

SAP Business One is an ERP Software for small to midsize businesses allowing companies to gain greater control over their business or subsidiary and streamlines the business processes.

SAP Business One offers a clear visibility and complete control over every aspect of business, from financials, purchasing, inventory, sales, and customer relationships to project management, operations, and HR.

Founded in 1972, the enterprise was called System Analysis Program Development, later abbreviated to SAP. Since then, it has grown from a small, five-person endeavor to a multinational enterprise headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, with more than 101,000 employees worldwide.

The company’s integrated applications connect all parts of a business into an intelligent suite on a fully digital platform, thereby replacing the process-driven, legacy platform. Today, SAP has more than 230 million cloud users, more than 100 solutions covering all business functions, and the largest cloud portfolio of any provider.



Supported Features through SAP Business One and Wildix Integrations


Incoming and Outgoing call popup

Auto-detect existing Contact and Business Partner and redirect to its page

Create a new Contact via popup


Keep it simple from one single user interface


Have a look on how the integration is working

They already integrated SAP Business One ERP with Wildix system

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