Integrate your PBX Wildix with Odoo4Wisp

About the company

Vayu is a partner based in Rome. It creates smart solutions for business communications using an agile approach. Through simple, flexible solutions and its team of dedicated professionals, Vayu delivers tailored services and ensures companies have the right software to solve WISP and ISP problems.

About the product

Odoo4Wisp delivers a complete software platform, allowing you to manage customers through a huge range of possible features. With a Wildix integration, you can access full ERP functionality and generate data from your PBX while optimizing time and activities. It’s this full functionality that makes it so appealing to ISPs and WISPs, particularly those needing a more customized configuration.
  • Type of Integration: Partner Certified
  • Type of Connection: API
  • Wildix Product Concerned: Wildix PBX and Wildix Collaboration



Wildix License

Wildix UC-Basic

Level of Expertise

Expert +


Supported Features through Odoo4Wisp and Wildix Integrations

Integrated management of Odoo4Wisp CRM with a Wildix PBX

Incoming calls pop up with the caller ID and the ability to open the client’s profile

Incoming calls sort out to the desired extension

Click to call directly from the client’s profile via phone or softphone

Recall call history from the client’s profile

Call history of all registered extensions with the ability to export the entire list as an editable file


  • No need to open Wildix or the Odoo database to update information
  • Ability to change credentials directly from the portal
  • Simple configuration
  • Compliance with OAuth 2.0 security protocols
  • Ability to monitor all incoming calls with statistics
  • Better communication thanks to the ability to redirect calls to the desired extension

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