Prevent theft in your retail stores with Veesion’s intelligent video surveillance and x-hoppers by Wildix
About Veesion

About Veesion

Veesion provides retail surveillance software that monitors and analyzes customers´ gestures, sending alerts if it detects any suspicious behaviour. Thus, it minimizes the risk of theft and offers retailers an innovative and effective solution to reduce shrinkage by up to 60%.

About x-hoppers by Wildix

x-hoppers by Wildix is a sophisticated retail communication solution for in-store messaging and intelligent retail support. It boosts in-store communication, staff efficiency and lets customers enjoy the best service possible, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.
With the x-hoppers headset solution, all shop employees are connected to one voice channel, so they can tackle in-store tasks as soon as they arise. The result? Prompt, efficient and intelligent customer service delivered to the highest standards – all thanks to x-hoppers.
And as happy customers equal paying customers, you can also expect increased conversions from using x-hoppers in your stores. The benefits don’t end there – check out the x-hoppers website to learn more.
Wildix to Launch x-hoppers

Veesion Integration with x‑hoppers

Wildix´s exclusive partnership with Veesion brings unique AI camera capabilities to the x-hoppers retail solution, which enhances real-time communications in retail stores. Veesion’s AI camera monitoring software analyses images coming through each camera, assigning probabilities to each action a person on camera makes. When the probability of theft exceeds a certain threshold (in other words, when Veesion detects gestures associated with shoplifting), it then triggers an alert.
By pairing Veesion with x-hoppers, that alert is immediately forwarded through a PA system or through the staff headset so that they can intercept the suspected shoplifter.
To learn more about x-hoppers, click here.


  • Veesion software
  • WMS 6.02 or higher
  • x-hoppers system

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