Live visualisation for inbound and outbound call patterns within your Wildix PBX

Type of Integration: Wildix Certified
Type of Connection: Add-On
Wildix Product Concerned: PBX, WMS5.02 at least
Free / Extra charges: Extra Fee


MyWallboards was developed to answer the needs of Wildix partners and their customers and a perfect portfolio addition to those partners already using RAMP (Recording Archive Management Platform) by FCP Technologies.

MyWallboards is an effective tool to help Wildix Customers improve their customer service by giving managers the opportunity to look at how different areas of the business are performing or to pick out call trends and amend their approach or the information they feed to agents appropriately.


Visualisation of Live call patterns for inbound and outbound, live availability of Wildix users, web-driven and customizable to each partner and customer brand. MyWallboards in the perfect accompaniment to strengthen the already feature-rich Wildix product.

Developed on the strength of the latest version of Wildix’s Web API, Mywallboards integrates perfectly with each PBX to directly access the information available and then output this information in a presentation format.


MyWallboards requires at least WMS 5.02 or higher


Available to users in the MyWallboards platform


MyWallboards requires at least WMS 5.02 or higher

Wildix License

FCP require a Wildix Business User License to integrate with the WebAPI and access via SSH to deploy the solution


Available to users in the MyWallboards platform

MyWallboards and Wildix Integration Supported Features


Each partner can easily customize the user interface to match their own of the end-users branding.

User control

Users and permission level allow full control over the ability to create, modify and delete users, customise branding and system administration.


Monitor only the users that you require through the solution to ensure you only pay for the user you wish to monitor.

Customisable dashboards

Pick from the predefined panels, each configured to show the specific team, queue or individuals you require to monitor.

Dashboard Rotation

Configure the solution to rotate through a selection of defined dashboards to ensure each business unit has the information displayed in the format they require.

Unlimited dashboards

Each area of the business is able to create their own dashboards and display them in unlimited ways, from users desktop to large screens, MyWallboards will display the information for you.

Live calls and history

Each panel can display either live calls or calls history from a defined date range, this allows live comparisons of active call data and the monitoring of trends with the business. Display information on the number of calls in, out or combined, display talk time, time to answer or abandon rates, even calls waiting. Data sets can be configured per panel to give you maximum control.



The solution has been provided by FCP Technologies

Founded in 2005, FCP Technologies specialises in true cloud voice based solutions. With established infrastructure, FCP provide market leading, enterprise level cloud solutions capable of delivering calls and voice services to destinations across the globe. We offer sophisticated Cloud IVR Solutions, Cloud Telephony Services, Managed Services and Consultancy in a number of specialist areas.

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