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About the company

PromptVoice supports channel partners to maximise recurring revenue with a disruptive, award winning white label solution that enables the profitable provisioning of bespoke, professionally recorded messages and streaming in-queue and on-hold audio.
PromptVoice is proud to supply a unique and innovative value-add solution, with extensive supporting services, including a unique freemium proposition, that drives high margin recurring revenues for MSPs and resellers alike.

About the product

PromptVoice enables your customers to seamlessly order bespoke messages, recorded by their choice of over 300 voice artists or AI voices. Audio recordings are then streamed or downloaded and played directly through your phone system, and billed by you as part of your customer’s normal bill.
Your customers can script bespoke messages, or choose from 10,000+ professionally scripted and pre-recorded messages, mix their messages with licence-free music, and schedule when each of their compilations should play to their callers. This leads to greatly enhanced caller experiences, more marketing opportunities for your customer, and new, monthly recurring revenue streams for you.
The innovative Freemium model enables you to give every customer free access to basic functionality, and encourage them to upgrade themselves to paid subscription plans. The portal’s inbuilt smart upgrade paths encourage customers to initiate their own upgrades and access more advanced functionality whilst you sit back and watch your revenue streams grow.
  • Type of Integration: Wildix Certified
  • Type of Connection: URL
  • Wildix Product Concerned: All UC propositions


All Wildix UC propositions

Wildix License

Wildix UC-Basic

Level of Expertise

Entry level

Supported Features through PromptVoice and Wildix Integrations

on-hold audio

Professionally scripted audio recordings

Instant recordings from AI voices

Professional IVR recordings

download files

Out of hours messaging

Bespoke audio recordings

Streaming in-queue audio

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