Wildix Call Center Wallboard allows you to monitor the call agents activity and provides the information on the SLA (service-level agreement) which helps to measure the call center performance.


  • Add the call groups that you wish to monitor to the page and set the SLA for each call group;
  • Dynamically add call group members;
  • See the actual SLA for each call group based on the parameters that you have set up and the average waiting time;
  • Monitor the presence and activity status of each call group member;
  • Receive the information on the number of agents in a call group (total number, number of users who are free, paused and talking on the phone) and on the total number of treated calls;
  • See the idle time and conversation time for each group member;
  • See the information on active calls with relative conversation and waiting time, and the number of calls in queue;
  • See the information on each caller (both for active calls and calls in queue)


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