This Food Service Group Specializes in Video Conferencing with all venues

Unifying the communication systems at all venues and bringing communication to the Cloud seemed like a difficult, long, and risky operation – but it proved to be a success.

The Pregis Group specializes in the Foodservice market; specifically the supplies of food, beverages, and non-food products for hotels, restaurants, pizzerias and bars.

There are 5 offices in the provinces of Verona, Trento, Novara, Pistoia and Cesena.

Moreno Gisaldi, the IT Manager of the Pregis Group, was facing the same problem every day: the communication system was fragmented; each location had its own, different infrastructure (some Alcatel analog switchboards, some Asterisk-based PBXs, such as Nexi).

This affected not only the management of the infrastructure, but also the quality of internal and external communication.

Managing five different areas, with five different criticalities, with numerous programming variables, involved a massive effort for the IT department.

NEW, Wildix’s business partner since 1999 in the world of Unified Communications, presented a proposal to Gisaldi – to standardize the infrastructure by installing Wildix Virtual PBXs in all the offices.

The installation took place gradually, and did not interrupt the company’s communication flows, ensuring continuity in the daily work of the employees.

“We are very pleased with the work of NEW and the functionality of the Wildix system. Now the phonebooks are updated for all users at all locations, and the phones are updated quickly with auto-provisioning.

But if I have to say what I think is the most valuable element, it would be the videoconferencing system.

In fact, I had a large number of locations and needed to introduce a videoconferencing system. I had been imagining complicated, bulky infrastructures, but Wildix surprised me. Video conferencing can be activated from any PC, in any office, thanks to WebRTC technology.”

The next step? Moving everything into the Cloud…. and NEW is already working to bring Pregis’ communication into the “blue cloud”.

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