Tesmec Group is an Italian multinational leader in the design, production and marketing of systems, technologies and integrated solutions for the construction, maintenance and efficiency of infrastructure related to the transport and distribution of electricity, data and materials.

Founded in Italy in 1951 and led by the Chairman and CEO Ambrogio Caccia Dominioni, the Group can count on about 850 employees and has four production sites in Italy, a production site in Texas (the USA) and one in France – as well as three research and development units in Italy. The Group also has a global commercial presence and can count on a direct presence in several continents, consisting of foreign companies and sales offices in the USA, South Africa, West Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Qatar, China and France.

Andrea Miglietta, CIO of Tesmec Group, told us about his experience after adopting the Wildix UC&C solution with the support of the italian Wildix Partner G&B Connect.

One of the group’s major needs was to find a Unified Communication system for all the group’s offices located in the 5 continents, and not only for the Italian ones. The solution we had before did not allow us to realize this centralization on a global level, and in addition, some problems related to calls quality, and at uncompetitive costs, pushed us to look for a new solution”.

Andrea Miglietta and his team decided to do an in-depth analysis of the market to find a UC solution that met their needs: a unified system for all locations, both domestic and foreign, and one that was easy to manage. 

I had already heard about Wildix, and we got in touch with our partner G&B Connect: we quickly realized that Wildix’s UC solution was perfect for our needs, and that G&B Connect would support us step by step in this transition, and so it was.”

This was in 2017. 

Today, May 2020, the Wildix solution supports the communication of all Italian and French sites.

The extension of the same UC system to our French offices was also made possible with the support of a French Wildix Partner, Maïano Informatique. It was at that very moment that we realised the power of this Network, which with its international presence made all this possible. In fact, we plan to extend the solution to the American offices by the end of 2020, and in the future we would like to bring it to our branches in Russia, China, South Africa and the Middle East. We are already discussing this with G&B Connect.”

Even in a moment of emergency like the one caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced all Tesmec Group employees to work from home, the Wildix solution proved to be essential to give continuity to their business.

The ability to program the telephone switchboards quickly, with immediacy and simplicity, and the portability of the telephone number to the employees’ PCs meant that we could all continue working from home without interruption or inconvenience of any kind. Being able to answer the company number from your laptop or home PC certainly made a difference in terms of communication during lockdown. The G&B Connect team was also a great help to us in this regard.

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