The official Nikon and iRobot distributor chooses Wildix for the customer care.

Nital S.p.A. introduces smart assistance, reduces long waits and adds online chat on its portals with Wildix WebRTC Kite.

The goal, as stated by Michele Difrancesco, Digital Marketing & CRM Manager at Nital S.p.A, was that of introducing a service in line with the times with strong connections to the web.

Nital is the official distributor of several important technology brands for Italy, among these Nikon, the most well-known cameras in the world, and iRobot, the original robot which cleans the homes of thousands of people.

Difrancesco turns to the Infonet system integrator in order to identify a solution for his needs. Adriano Cerovetti, who is responsible for managing the entire installation, proposes him the advanced services of the Wildix solution.

The company’s customer service handles thousands of contacts monthly and it deals mainly with in-bound service, in which the operators offer consulting on the products distributed and technical assistance.

The distribution over the Italian territory of very different products, although united by a strong technological component, has raised the necessity to differentiate them by introducing phone lines dedicated to different brands, managed by different personnel and in different working hours.

The introduction of the Wildix solution has made it possible for the operators to be able to recognize the customers, if present in the proprietary database, even before they introduce themselves, reducing as such the amount of time required for the client management and improving the perception of service. But, in addition to the CTI functions, the company has broadened the opportunities for contact with its own clients.

NikonStore.it and iRobotStore.it offer, thanks to the introduction of KITE, a LIVE CHAT service, an activity which has revealed itself to be highly efficient and well-accepted by the visitors.

It is most likely the NITAL V.I.P. project of which Difrancesco feels authorship most.

NITAL V.I.P. is a well-structured loyalty project for those clients who have purchased a product distributed by the company from Turin (from the website or on the territory) which aims at offering a privileged service.

An opportunity which also underlines with greater effectiveness the NITAL’s customer-oriented identity.

Wildix is in fact the instrument which has made it possible to implement services dedicated to TOP clients, through preferential CHAT ROOMs and direct and priority VOIP calls to the company Call Center.

The installation of the PBX and the integration of Wildix Kite on the Nital portals have been good opportunities to rethink the entire customer care of the company.

In greater detail, Difrancesco explains: “We have two main contact areas, the first concerns the products and the photographic solutions like Nikon and Impossible, and the second closer to home automation (domotics) and other home solutions such as iRobot and Hinnovation. With Wildix we have created distinct work groups, so that our interlocutors can reach the operator best suited to their needs more easily.

As previously mentioned, we have added online chat on our portals, which has in fact lightened our load of calls, reducing long waits for our clients and improving our offering on e-commerce sites.

Considering the ease in accessing the Wildix communication system on behalf of our operators through the PC, we have been able to extend our business hours of service to our clients until 8:30 pm dividing the operating times of the business into shifts making it possible for some operators to work from home”.

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