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The First Sales-Oriented
Unified Communications Solution

Your communications system can either boost your revenue or prevent your sales and marketing team from reaching their goals.

Turn your communications solution into the core of your operations and grow your business, all while saving time and maintaining total security.

Find the perfect booster for each step of your customer journey, right from your browser and through your phone.

To make your communication system more effective, Wildix integrates with leading software solutions. Check out those integrations here!

Supercharge Your Business with Artificial Intelligence

Work smarter, not harder with our AI-powered communication solutions. Get real-time access to suggestions, information, transcriptions and sentiment analysis and watch your efficiency soar.

AI Tools For Every Area of Your Business

Combined with our secure award-winning UCaaS solutions, our AI tools transform business communications, boosting productivity, increasing training opportunities and improving customer service.

Real-time assists

Always be in the know with AI-powered pop-ups that offer real-time explanations and suggestions during meetings and calls. Accelerate and enhance training sessions and improve customer satisfaction with relevant insights that appear based on context, helping boost your employees’ knowledge and confidence.
Real-time assists

AI summaries and insights

Quickly catch up on missed calls and meetings with automatically generated summaries and insights. See key topics and actionable points at a glance without watching the recording or reading the whole transcript, making it easy for team members to take over an opportunity or support ticket and provide seamless customer service.

Sales intelligence

Give your customer-facing teams a competitive edge with post-meeting AI-generated insights. Video playback and suggested next steps help agents provide exceptional customer service while post-call transcripts and reports let managers highlight and tag important points for team training, giving staff everything they need to learn and improve.

Real-time transcriptions and sentiment analysis

With live transcriptions and sentiment analysis, you can see what’s being said on a voicemail, call or meeting — even before you join. Enjoy enhanced accessibility and peace of mind, knowing your teams have all the information they need to confidently transfer calls and pop into meetings at a moment’s notice.

AI assistant in chat

Speed up your response time with a chat copilot. Use it to quickly draft messages and prepare translations straight from the chat, keeping the conversation flowing. You can even give your employees instant access to industry-specific information with connected knowledge bases, helping them answer complex customer queries or learn at their own pace.

Automatic CRM logging

Worried about losing all the valuable insights generated during your call? Integrate your CRM and Wildix solution and log all of your transcriptions, summaries and sentiment analysis without lifting a finger.

What the cloud and browser-based unified communications can do for your sales and revenue

Collaborate, share and be the fastest and easiest to reach in your market. That’s the magic of Wildix powered by WebRTC. Choose the Wildix Cloud Communications Platform.

Connect your softphone to the top sales accelerators worldwide

Bring in new prospects, avoid churn and generate actionable data on sales strategies. Now you can thanks to x-bees, the Wildix solution integrated with Salesforce and Gong.io.


increase in web sales


more time saved on everyday operations (about two hours per employee)



They choose us:

The First Cloud Browser-Based Unified Communications and VoIP PBX

Wildix is the first cloud browser-based unified communications solution able to boost efficiency, guarantee an increase in sales and provide a complete business collaboration platform that is entirely secure by design (with no VPNs or external SBCs required).

Evolved Live Chat

Connect your communications system directly to your website. Thanks to WebRTC technology, online visitors can contact you more quickly and you can win sales more easily.

Webinar & Video Conference

The professional yet easy-to-use video conferencing solution for sales and customer service in any space. Use it from your smartphone, laptop or tablet, or in a conference room thanks to the proprietary hardware.

Smart and Remote Working solution

Wildix is the perfect solution for smart working and remote working because it offers a complete set of features (chat, audio call, desktop sharing, video conferencing, webinar capabilities, desk phones) while keeping them all simple to use.

What people say

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Gartner Peer Insights

Extraordinaire x 2 – Implementation by Diversified Communications & Wildix System
Consultant in the Healthcare Industry

Sales, Implementation and Customer Service from Diversified was outstanding!! Outstanding knowledge of product and capabilities, in addition to extensive general knowledge and operations of our Company’s IT infrastructure and 3rd party service providers. Wildix Implementation by Diversified Communications is at the top of my list for ease of implementation. This company looked after their customer.

Jan 12, 2021

Great communication infrastructure. Super-Easy but also Super-Customizable
Infrastructure and Operations in the Manufacturing Industry

The Wildix partner, whom we contacted, showed and described the whole communication infrastructure before installing it in our small company. After the initial setup, they followed us for additional customization and optimization. The main advantages are the mobile app, the easy integration with other communication product (doorbell, sIP speaker, etc.) and the quality of sounds.

May 20, 2021

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