Wildix Values

At Wildix, we’re about communication. We design ways to enhance communication across businesses, but we don’t forget about great communication between each other.
We look for innovative ways to communicate and think big while doing it. But we don’t lose sight of the people who work for us, either. Communication is only good if it’s effective, compassionate, respectful and useful, and this kind of communication is truly valuable.
Mobile Apps
With all this in mind, we created what we call the Blue Ecosystem: the way partners, end-users, the company and its employees communicate with each other. We all work together to improve communication and to improve each other’s lives.
Ultimately, this forms the core of Wildix’s mission.
Communication and Ethics
With great power comes great responsibility,
an aphorism that’s been used for millennia in various forms.
We add to that, saying that it takes strong values to create value.
Where are we without integrity? Simply put, our partners and end-users expect their communications to function seamlessly and without compromising their data. Similarly, we expect employees and partners to operate in good faith and be honest.
We aim to be as transparent as possible while balancing the need to secure data and ensure we maintain business operations. We trust each other to be open about our goals and feedback.
Continuous Learning:
Technology moves rapidly, and those who don’t seek to broaden their knowledge get left behind. We encourage everyone to continuously learn about their interests, to expand their understanding of their role and move forwards in their own development.
We are all individuals. We are all different. And with that, we should all seek to be fair, to treat each other with respect and to be loyal to each other. This means striving to understand and appreciate the differences that make us all stronger.
Ultimately, we’re all here because we want to make a difference, and that’s where passion comes in. Good communications have the power to change the way people work and live, and that change can be for the better.