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“We were finding the PBX system we were previously offering was limiting what we could do for our clients. Mainly, the issues were slow development that was not partner driven, lack of configuration flexibility, and a non-partner friendly ecosystem,” says Chad Grahek, of Grahek Technology.
Grahek Technology is an IT and Technology provider who has been serving businesses over the last 10 years. Currently, they have three employees, all sharing the same goal: to provide reliable solutions that their clients can benefit from with maximum efficiency. We had the pleasure of talking with Chad, the owner of Grahek Technology about his experience in the business and about his relationship with Wildix.
Grahek Technology has been working with Wildix for almost a year now, and when asked what issues they encounter most frequently in the industry, the answer was not surprising: old, inefficient, and broken systems.
“In our research we found that Wildix checked all the boxes for us and provided a very partner centered ecosystem.”
He goes on to say that with Wildix being very partner centric, it brings about quick, efficient, and usable features, allowing it to grow and evolve with the market instead of following the market.
“Wildix is a leader because feedback is paramount in their development, which leads to a better product that is relevant to consumers.”
Similar to Wildix, Grahek Technology takes great pride in their relationships with their customers. If something goes wrong, they fix or replace the products and systems in order to solve the problem. They then take the time to sit down with their customers, and discuss their overall goals and expectations.
By partnering with Wildix, Grahek can now offer his customers a system that is unlike any other. He has been able to transition Grahek Technology from being a business selling just phone systems, to being a business that sells full communication systems, from hardware to cloud.
“Wildix brings an incredibly flexible and robust system that has a continual development cycle. [Wildix’s] forward-looking features such as KITE and Videoconferencing bridge a gap between phones that ring and communication systems,” Chad Grahek, Owner Grahek Technology.