Altitude Communications

Altitude Communications and Wildix partner story
An experienced telephony provider in Alberta, Canada, Altitude Communications has long utilized their expertise to tailor-fit technology to suit their customer’s business needs.
We want to continue to do what we’ve always done, which is value the word ‘partner’,” explained Marshall Anderson, president of Altitude Communications. “The objective for us is just to continue to be a reliable place for bringing together those three pillars of communications technology — communication, engagement and collaboration — and making the technology work for your business.”
However, the company ran into problems with this goal after their previous vendor underwent a buyout 2018.
Although Altitude had been operating since 1995, changing from digital telephony to the VoIP model as the market demanded, this merger left them without the products and support they needed to function at their previously established levels of service.
“That’s when we started looking for other things to sell,” Mr. Anderson continued, “and almost two years ago now, we met Wildix.”
Ever since then, Altitude has seen longevity in their partnership with Wildix.
According to Mr. Anderson:
We just really haven’t looked back since choosing Wildix. The relationship just felt grassroots. It felt like Wildix was a company that really wanted to make inroads and really value the Partner community to make that happen.”
“There are lots of different companies who say they have a great partner program. They don’t; it’s not a true partner program. It’s, ‘go sell our stuff, and we’ll tell you how to do it and when to do it.”
So Wildix really felt like a return to an opportunity to grow together. I felt like truly mutual growth was what was being sought, and that was really appealing to us.”
In particular, Mr. Anderson says he found a sense of trust in working with Wildix.
I would definitely speak highly of the partnership and the sincerity behind it,” he explained. “There is a sincerity in the conversations that we have. That makes me feel valued and makes me feel this is a two-sided engagement all the way. We feel very comfortable coming back to the Wildix team and saying, ‘here’s a problem — how do we solve it?'”
He spoke especially highly of Wildix’s R&D department and the ways in which they collaborate with Partners:
There is enough flexibility in the Wildix technical team to really be heard and say that if a feature is not available, they’ll make it available. We found that to be very encouraging, because we go to the market with confidence that, although we can get the customer most of the way there, if there’s something else they need, we’ll take it back to the [Wildix] team.”
The platform has also supported Altitude in terms of winning deals and serving their own customers, as Wildix’ diverse feature set has helped Altitude create a standout, versatile solution.
Mr. Anderson explained, “My business is really about looking after my customer’s customers, and I think Wildix really takes that seriously in terms of things like the Kite widget, being able to click to chat and ACD stats. I would say that the customer engagement side is definitely where we see a lot of excitement from our customers’ standpoint.”
In fact, the Wildix platform even has standout features that surprises Altitude themselves in addition to impressing their customers, according to Mr. Anderson:
We still learn about a new feature every day. There’s still so much that’s in the package. Just having so many tools in one license is pretty powerful, since I don’t need 13 SKUs or 13 different licenses to make something happen from an innovation standpoint.”
We don’t see [our customers] shopping around very much once we get past a demo stage. Once we’ve passed the demo, it’s like, ‘Oh wow, that’s so much for so little — why do we need to look somewhere else?”
It’s so good in so many ways,” he continued. “It does voice, it does a little bit of the contact center application, it’s got some web interface, it’s got customer engagement — and it does all those things so well that you don’t really have to go anywhere else to buy something. It really brings the customer into a very sticky environment.”