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Right from the company’s inception, Nebula Voice has operated on a simple yet deeply personal maxim: telecommunications should always work with the customer’s best interests at heart.
“Customers just want to be heard,” explained Brian Johnson, Vice President at Nebula Voice. “Every business that I’ve ever talked to, if they have an issue with a provider, whether it be telecom or anything, they just want to feel like their needs are being met.”
“That’s why we started Nebula. We decided to take the pains that everybody gets from Comcast, CenturyLink, the other big providers, and fix that, so that our customer base always feels like we’re part of their family.”
Since their founding in 2018, Nebula Voice has worked to maintain that dedication to their customer base. One example of this commitment is in their readily available support, which the company enables by putting themselves as a contact in their customers’ PBXs.
However, especially integral to Nebula’s customer-focused business model has been their use of Wildix. Only a few months after being founded, the company signed on as a Wildix Partner at the recommendation of a business colleague in Denver.
“We just said, ‘We’re looking for a true turnkey solution — do you know any?’ And he introduced us to Wildix,” Mr. Johnson recalled. “We had a video call with Robert Cooper (Note: managing director of Wildix Americas) and we were sold! We said, ‘Send us the paperwork to sign right now!'”
Fortunately, the respect Nebula brings to their customers proved to be an attitude they found extended to them as a Wildix Partner.
Wildix has always been viewed as part of our family too. It’s a good two-way street,” Mr. Johnson said. “The customer support has always been top notch, especially talking with Dimitri Osler, Dimitri Voronov and everybody else across the world.”
Beyond professional attitudes and technical assistance, Mr. Johnson also listed numerous go-to-market advantages in being a Wildix Partner. Pivotal among these is Collaboration and Kite, and, the ease of use for both solutions.
“I would say the best competitive advantage is the no downloading of extra software or drivers,” he explained. “Citrix, GoToMeeting and Zoom require the end-user to have to download software to use the service. With Wildix, it’s literally just a web link: you click on it, and there’s no downloading of anything.”
He also emphasized that what added even further value to the platform is its versatility:
If you want it, Wildix can do it. That was also a big selling point to us: it’s a true turnkey solution. We can spin up a customer in just a few hours and get them rockin’ and rollin’. If you have a customer that wants to have a unique feature like dialing internationally, it’s very easy to set up for them.”
The scenario of placing international calls isn’t merely hypothetical, either. Mr. Johnson personally related significant experience with using the Wildix platform on a global level:
It truly is an international platform. The other day, we had to set up calling for a customer of ours that wanted to call Australia, and it took me 20 minutes to figure it out. It’s easy to use globally as well as locally.”
On one occasion, Mr. Johnson even conducted a demo of the Wildix platform for a Colorado customer while he was in Hawaii. Using Wildix, Nebula’s Managing Director of Operations, Isaiah Bruno, was able to instantly set up a stable video connection while Mr. Johnson was outdoors and thousands of miles away.
“[Isaiah Bruno] did a video call where I’m literally sitting on the beach, staring at the ocean,” Mr. Johnson related. “Isaiah told our customer, ‘You can reach anyone, no matter where they are in the world.'”
Furthermore, Mr. Johnson sees enormous value in the ways Wildix can facilitate smart working:
“If suddenly, your office has to close — it could be because a fire, or any other reason — with Wildix, your communication system doesn’t go down. You can have people work from home; you can have people work from the beach; you could have people work from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.
“That was always a big selling point that we had with some mortgage lenders, along with plumbing and heating companies,” he continued. “When we perform demos, we just show them how I can log in with my laptop, I get on their network and it looks like I’m sitting at my desk. That always seemed to really catch people’s eyes. We would make the point, ‘If you’ve got people that have to commute far or you have any reason to work from home, they still can.'”
So, what results has Nebula achieved after offering the Wildix system with this array of competitive advantages?
Easily the most notable is the fact that in 2020 — only two years since Nebula’s founding — the company is poised to undergo significant growth: currently, they are set to acquire an American telecom company based in the New England area.
Naturally, the acquired company will be set to operate using the Wildix solution as well, in no small part because their employees themselves were impressed by the platform.
“When we showed them Wildix, they were thrilled because they had never heard of it or seen anything like it,” Mr. Johnson said. “Our plan is to gradually move their existing customers onto Wildix, mainly because of the ability to work remotely from anywhere.”
According to Mr. Johnson, with Wildix, his company’s future looks bright.
With this acquisition, Nebula should grow by leaps and bounds,” he said.