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Industry experience, long-lasting business relationships and personalized customer care are all values that Comtex Inc. is proud to call part of their business statement. A technology vendor with offices in New Jersey and New York, the company has worked to fulfill clients’ telephony, access control and CCTV needs for over 59 years. They have since made an even greater impact for their thousands of customers by becoming a Wildix Partner.
Telling us about Comtex and how they meet new business challenges was company VP Cheryl Sawyer.
“We’re, as we like to say, a type of white-glove service,” she explained. “You know we’re going to support you if you work with Comtex.”
It was their dedication to customers that drove Ms. Sawyer and Comtex to buck hosted telephone systems in favor of on-premise solutions. Using this model, the company became able to offer more powerful communications technology while still providing exceptional service before, during and after installation.
However, market shakeups seemed to threaten that approach. Phones and similar solutions were becoming available to businesses outside of dedicated tech vendors, such as the internet. As Ms. Sawyer put it:
“The difference in the industry is, I’m sure, all individual vendors’ sales are not what they used to be — because now IT does it, and IT’s in there usually before a telephone vendor. So we are losing part of the market share, there’s no question.”
Despite this hurdle, Comtex now faces no difficulty in adapting to their on-premise model. This is thanks in large part to the company’s capacity for retaining clients and the seamless systems conversion offered by Wildix.
“While we’re servicing those clients, we are starting to migrate them to Wildix,” Ms. Sawyer explained. “A lot of clients are migrating to Wildix for security purposes — and for, of course, the advanced features. And it’s a simple migration for our clients because we’re still the vendor supporting them, equipment- and dial tone-wise.”
That effortless transition and ability to give customers specialized attention especially helped convince Ms. Sawyer to partner with Wildix.
“It was because of the fact that we are still the vendor in all aspects,” she recounted, “and can still offer that white-glove support to our current clients and new clients; that’s why we signed on.
With Wildix, our clients can remain our clients: we program, we bill, and it’s all within our control.
Of course, Wildix has presented Comtex with additional benefits as well. In particular, Ms. Sawyer recognized an additional advantage in Wildix’s mobile Collaboration tool:
“The cell app, I’ve seen that solve a bunch of client’s issues, such as the caller ID of the business — whether it’s doctors, or even if it’s for the service industry. One of the complaints I was getting was they’d call from their own cell phone and nobody would answer the call, because they thought it was spam. I said, ‘Well, I’ve got a perfect solution. This app is gonna solve that.‘”
Past that, Ms. Sawyer particularly emphasized Wildix’s support for established clients as a prime benefit in being a Partner. With Wildix, Comtex’s customer base can change to an innovative, feature-rich UCC solution without giving up the top-quality customer care they know their vendor for.
I’m not losing my clients,” Ms. Sawyer reiterated, “because I now can transition them to the Wildix solutions, and because we are still their vendor that they know and trust, and will take care of them no matter what.