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In a world where information is always digital and blindingly fast, Wildix has decided to go against the grain and publish a paper magazine. This physical publication lets you take it slow in reading our examinations of everything from office life to technology to business strategies in UCC — giving you the chance to take in every article in relaxed comfort.

We want this publication to be a source of constant inspiration for your business, helping you to always be one step ahead of the competition.



Issue 11

  • EDITORIAL – How to Present Your Business: Go Big, or Go Home
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Austrian Children’s Cancer Care Aid Optimizes Communication Processes
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Thomas & Thomas Solicitors Overcome Pandemic Thanks to Wildix and Gower Business Systems
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Webtek Chooses Wildix for Their Corporate Communications
  • END USER CASE STUDY – The Pauliani Foundation Takes a New Turn in its Communications Management With Wildix
  • COVER STORY – Improved Customer Service & Ease of Call Transfers Boosts Efficiency & Satisfaction
  • END USER CASE STUDY – AutoSolar is Growing Thanks to Unified Communications Solutions from Wildix
  • PARTNER STORY – Telexperts Leverages the “Perfect” Wildix Sales Model for Success
  • PARTNER STORY – Marco Bosshard of fourNET informatik Leads the Adoption of Wildix
  • WOMEN IN TECH – Interview with Arianna Caiaffa, Sales & Partner Support for G&B Connect
  • TECH – The Universal Value of CLASSOUND
  • TECH – WebRTC, a Critical Component of VoIP and UCC
  • TECH – TLS 1.2 and You: Why You Need to Upgrade Your Security
  • TECH – Outlining Effective Videoconferencing Design
  • SALES – Attaining Customer Loyalty, Your Greatest Source of Value
  • SALES – Improve Your Customer Journey & Experience with x-caracal
  • SALES – The Negotiation of the Century
  • MARKETING – Want Steady Customers? Then Specify Your Value.
  • MARKETING – Direct Mail is Back in a Big Way
  • WILDIX VERSUS – Wildix vs. 8×8
  • INTEGRATIONS – Wildix and BluLogix
  • WILDIX TECH WIZARDS – Meanwhile, in Wildix Tech Wizards



previous Issues

Issue 10

  • EDITORIAL – From Pandemic to Prosperity: Looking Back and Ahead
  • END USER CASE STUDY – The David Chiossone Institute & Wildix
  • COVER STORY – Wildix Integrations Build Up Microsoft Teams for STRAIT
  • END USER CASE STUDY – TLG Transitions to an Agile and Flexible Environment with Wildix by Everything Voice
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Even Parma Calcio 1913 Chooses Wildix
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Platte County, Nebraska — Courthouse & Government Offices
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Innovatel Adopts the Wildix Solution
  • END USER CASE STUDY – voit stefan gmbh – The Steel Manufacturer
  • PARTNER STORY – Altitude Communications Reaches New Heights with Wildix
  • PARTNER STORY – BTS Communications, a Partner That’s Building, Thriving & Succeeding
  • WOMEN IN TECH – The Women in Tech from Wildix’s Odessa Branch
  • TECH – The Latest Buzz on x-bees
  • TECH – Are VPNs Necessary for the Modern Worker?
  • TECH – What Should a Transition to Cloud Communications Look Like?
  • TECH – 2021, Year 0 of WebRTC
  • SALES – The Wildix Product Lineup and the Customer Journey
  • SALES – 5 Tips for Better Webinars
  • SALES – Exceeding Customer Expectations with the Cloud
  • MARKETING – Be Set for Success through Positioning
  • MARKETING – The Power of the Customer’s Voice in a Virtual World
  • MARKETING – How the Cloud Can Unify Marketing Efforts
  • WILDIX VERSUS – Wildix vs. 8×8
  • INTEGRATIONS – Wildix + Hansen Software, Now Available Worldwide

Issue 9

  • EDITORIAL – Going Greener and Working Smarter
  • NEWS FROM THE COMPANY – Transfer of Wildix’s Registered Office to Odessa
  • COVER STORY – Using Wildix to Combat COVID at Peru’s Institute of Tropical Medicine Alexander von Humboldt
  • END USER CASE STUDY – School ICT Services Ltd reduce their operational costs by 70% thanks to Wildix
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Unleashing the Communications Potential for Big Dog Satellite & Solar
  • END USER CASE STUDY – The LARNAY SAGESSE Organization Pursues Its Mission of Support with the Wildix Smart Working solution
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Armed Against Weak Bandwidth with Wildix
  • PARTNER STORY – Retaining Margins with Wildix
  • PARTNER STORY – Wildix and Keycoes
  • PARTNER STORY – Wildix Keeping Up the Pace in Belgium
  • PARTNER STORY – Nebula Voice Gains Astronomical Value with Wildix
  • WOMEN IN TECH – Kelly Hopp, Marketing Manager at Altitude Communications
  • TECH – An Intro to React and React Native
  • TECH – Devices for Home Working
  • TECH – Deploying a UC System: Start Simple, Add Later
  • SALES – Smart Work at the Movies: A Continuity Story
  • WILDIX VERSUS – Wildix vs. Google Meet
  • INTEGRATION – How to be 100% Sales Oriented?
  • MARKETING – I See My Staff at Their Desks, and I Can Sleep Peacefully…
  • SALES PAGE – Earning Trust:An Essential Start to Any Sale
  • MARKETING – Mining for Gold
  • ANALYSIS – Practical Tips for a Successful Transition to Telework

Issue 8

  • EDITORIAL – Smart Work: The New Way of Working
  • LETTERS FROM ESTONIA – Enter the Vampire Vendor
  • COVER STORY – Northwest Pipe Fittings: A Wildix Solution in the American West
  • PARTNER STORY – Wildix & Netmetix – A Winning Partnership
  • PARTNER STORY – Comtex Continues Their Growth with Wildix
  • PARTNER STORY – Converting 50% of Turnover Customers to OPEX Thanks to Wildix
  • WEBRTC – Wildix WebRTC Solutions Give Value-Adding Services to Channel Partners
  • FOCUS: SMART WORKING – Don’t Get Scammed on Your Smart Working Platform
  • FOCUS: SMART WORKING – Staying on Track When You’re Working from Home
  • ANALYSIS & TRENDS – The Concrete Value Found in the Cloud
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Ambrosoli Spa: Passion, Tradition and Innovation
  • END USER CASE STUDY – CAF Places Its Trust in Wildix Remote Communication Solutions to Remain Close to Its Beneficiaries
  • END USER CASE STUDY – Children’s Hospice South West Connects Families with Wildix
  • WOMEN IN TECH – Equal Pay, Equal Respect and Equal Results
  • WILDIX VERSUS – Wildix VERSUS Zoom: A Security Showdown
  • FOCUS: SMART WORKING – “Too Small for Smart Working”? Think Again!
  • FOCUS: SMART WORKING – Activating Smart Work Technology
  • FOCUS: SMART WORKING – Smart Working with Slow Internet
  • SALES – Appreciating Your Overlooked Assets
  • MARKETING – Make Chat Part of the e-Commerce Customer Journey
  • MARKETING – If You’re Not on LinkedIn, You’re Only Halfway There
  • FOCUS: SMART WORKING – Smart Working, Smart Loving, Smart Living
  • MARKETING – Do You Know Where Your Marketing Stands?

Issue 7

  • EDITORIAL – Are you being dragged along, or are you in control? And most importantly: do you know where you’re headed?
  • LETTRES D’ESTONIE – That’s globalization, honey!
  • TRENDS – Bye – Bye, System Integrator!
  • COVER STORY – Selling rental property without setting foot in the customer’s building!
  • PARTNER STORY – “Going “live” in a couple of hours: it’s possible!”
  • PARTNER STORY – Wildix recruits its first Partner in Scotland!
  • PARTNER STORY – The importance of making customers happy
  • PARTNER STORY – The most desirable ICT solution
  • END USER CASE STUDY – When the phone works, productivity increases
  • END USER CASE STUDY – “Everything is easier now!”
  • END USER CASE STUDY – With the right UCC solution, nothing’s impossible
  • END USER CASE STUDY – More safety and control in industrial work
  • TECH & FAMIlY – UC&C: Helping with Newborns
  • TECH – Free to move and communicate
  • TECH – Hosted, Managed, or Cloud? Or Something Else?
  • INTÉGRATIONS – How to compete against Microsoft Teams
  • IDEAS – Your business strategy has to evolve
  • IDEAS – The “Pomodoro Technique” and other tips to improve your business and wellness
  • MARKETING – Social Selling
  • MARKETING – 7 Tips for Customer Relationship Management
  • MARKETING – Sparking Desire!

Issue 6

  • EDITORIAL – You’ve Got to Be Different to Make a Difference
  • LETTERS FROM ESTONIA – The Reality Is That No One Wants a PBX
  • COVER STORY – Vatacom+Medifast, UC&C makes light work
  • PARTNER STORY – EmiRoNet: Competitors Turned Allies Conquer the Market
  • PARTNER STORY – telconn GmbH: Installing Becomes Fun
  • PARTNER STORY – The Wildix Solution Gets a Pair of Eyes with These Connected Glasses
  • PARTNER STORY – Ampletech increased their Customers satisfaction by nearly 100%. Here’s how
  • END USER CASE STUDY – How VPharma saved 20% of their ICT budget in 5 years
  • WOMEN IN TECH – Bethan Ganjavi
  • WILDIX TECH WIZARD – News from the Community
  • WILDIX TECH WIZARD – I’m loving installs!
  • FACE TO FACE WITH OUR COMPETITORS – Wildix against telephone operators
  • SCENARIOS – Artificial Intelligence – New Frontier for Unified Communications
  • TECH – Are Passwords and Authentication protocols REALLY safe? Not always, indeed.
  • TECH – The obstacles that prevent a company from achieving its business goals
  • TECH – The truth about WMS 4.0, once and for all

Issue 5

  • Editorial – There is one objective for 2019: have your clients chosen UCaaS
  • Letter From Estonia – GO MSP OR GO HOME: Why it is important to seize the challenge of the market
  • Cover Story – Best Partner 2018 : US NET – How one company transformed their business with Cloud
  • Wildix Testimonial – United Kingdom – ARROW COMMS LTD
  • Wildix Testimonial – Germany – IT2DAY
  • Wildix Testimonial – France – PRESTIGE TELEPHONY
  • Wildix Podium – The best partners 2018 in terms of revenues
  • Case Study – France – The accounting firm CTN France retakes control of its own telecom system with the Wildix solution
  • Case Study – Europe – Demand breeds supply: Introducing WMS Network with Failover
  • Sales Article – Gartner IT Forecast: Projection for 2019 for system integrators. Will it be a year for growth or will it bring defeat?
  • Wildix Tech Wizards – The best posts on the famous group Wildix Tech Wizards
  • Women In Tech – Beatrice Poretti
  • Special Unicomm 2018 – Unicomm: the method for system integrators and MSPs to close multiple negotiations
  • From The Market – Whatever Happened to WebRTC?
  • Product : Cloud – Principal characteristics of the Wildix Unified Communications & Collaboration solution offered on Cloud platform
  • Wildix Positioning – What is Positioning?
  • Wildix Versus – Wildix vs. Toshiba
  • Tech Article – Determining Integration Requirements
  • Tech Article – Increase Call Center Productivity Using the Right Technology
  • Marketing Article – Advising the gold digger to go look for gold in a bank!

Issue 4

  • Editorial – The difference between integrators and providers is not minimal
  • Wildix Testimonial – How to use the bravado of the adversary to drag him by his jersey to score a goal in his own goal post
  • Wildix Testimonial – Tool IT
  • Wildix Testimonial – ElemenTel
  • Case History – Davines S.p.A.
  • Case History – Carpe Diem Nursing Home
  • Product Use Case – Not just airports, hospitals or supermarkets: discover how to use W-PA also in the smallest environments!
  • Sales Point – The 6 obstacles that block the growth of the system integrator
  • Women In Tech – Cyna Milinazzo – Liberty Communications
  • Vertical Markets: Hotels – The missing link for hotel websites to increase direct bookings by 20%
  • Wildix Tech Wizards
  • Tech Point – Transport Protocols over the web: Bosch and WebSocket
  • Tech Point – What is two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Marketing – Your target is the dictator of your activities
  • Wildix Presents The Team – The Wildix Country Managers

Issue 3

  • Editorial – Are you ready for a well- carried out conversational AI?
  • Interview – Who is Cristiano Bellumat
  • Wildix Testimonial – Wildix VS Samsung: a partner story
  • Wildix Testimonial – Printer sellers are hitting it off with Wildix, but why? A french story…
  • Case History – South Tyrol Museum of archeology
  • Wildix Tech Wizard – Why is the most important information for the Wildix partners published in a Facebook group?
  • Sales Point – The strategy stolen from the automative industry to stack up recurring revenues for high profit margins, even when the sales of switchboards and UC&C have stopped
  • Wildix News – Wildix presents the new Supervision phone at Cebit in Hannover
  • Tech Point – Is artificial intelligence the next major technological revolution?
  • Tech Point – Web-based VS native apps: which to choose?
  • Tech Point – Slow your roll: how to update your customers’ software without annoying them
  • Marketing – How Wildix helps you deal with change
  • Marketing – 4 essential tips to build a Marketing Strategy
  • Wildix VS Competitors – Wildix Vs Mitel or David against Goliath.
  • Wildix award – Thaïland Trip – Platinum Days.

Issue 2

  • Editorial – WebRTC Praise: how much it has given us, and how much more it can give us
  • Interview – Who is Dimitri Osler?
  • Wildix Testimonial – EMIRONET
  • Wildix Testimonial – ASSUTECH
  • Case History – The official Nikon and iRobot distributor chooses Wildix for the customer care
  • #wconvention 2018  The Results – The Wildix Convention was held in Venice on January 12
  • Ascom Unite Messaging Suite – Business-critical information to the right person at the right time and place
  • Ellysse – Ellysse & Wildix strategic partners for Customer Service 4.0
  • SCHRACK SECONET – We protect values and people
  • Tech Point – Streamlined and effective communication: UC that works
  • Sales Point – How to prevent an internal attack toward your UC&C investment
  • Sales Point – Put the engine to on- line customer service and triumph in the Grand Prix of Sales
  • Marketing – The nine rules to be followed to prevent marketing from caus- ing disasters that the administration must then fix!
  • Wildix VS Avaya A battle won in advance!
  • Really? You’re still selling desktop applications?
  • Communication via telephone: is it still classic or becoming obsolete?

Issue 1

  • Editorial – Security in Unified Communication & Collaboration: flaws and virtue of two-factor authentication.
  • The cover – Who is Steve Osler?
  • Wildix Testimonial – D.T.E. Inc. – Mansfield, OHIO.
  • Wildix Testimonial – Floris S.R.L. – Roma.
  • Focus – How to offer your services and not to lose customers.
  • System integrators’ days are numbered… You need a plan B. – The Unified Communication & Collaboration market will lose 30 to 35% over the next 24 months.
  • Tech Point – Comparing 3CX and Wildix and how PBXs have
    changed over the last 30 years.
  • The Cloud is For Everyone – Cloud not only suitable for a specific category of com- panies or users.
  • Marketing – How to write an email and actually have it read by
    your customer.
  • Tech News – WebRTC Kite Support on Apple Safari 11 for Mac OS X.
  • Problem solved – Telephone technician and multi-site systems.
  • Wildix World – 10 reasons to choose a Wildix phone and not another
    IP terminal in a Wildix system.
  • This deadly security error in the telephone network can cost your company dearly! – What you need to do, is to adopt a system that guarantees the security of every single component.


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