July 2022


Telexperts 725 Wall St, Winnipeg, MB R3G 2T6, Canada +01 (204) 783-5088 telexperts.net Become a Wildix Partner [Wildix] has given us a really sophisticated product that fits our market extremely well. Now, we’ve got something to show every single person in this province. There are very few businesses that won’t benefit from the product. David …

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Nebula Voice

Nebula Voice 445 Broadway, Suite 660 Denver, CO 80203
United States +01 303-223-2144 www.nebulavoice.com Become a Wildix Partner If you want it, Wildix can do it. That was also a big selling point to us: it’s a true turnkey solution. We can spin up a customer in just a few hours and get them rockin’ and …

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Altitude Communications

Altitude Communications 520, 2710 – 17 Avenue SE Calgary, Alberta, T2A 0P6 +01 403-538-5555 altitudecommunications.ca Become a Wildix Partner We still learn about a new feature every day. There’s still so much that’s in the package. Just having so many tools in one license is pretty powerful, since I don’t need 13 SKUs or 13 …

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Cady Business Technologies

Cady Business Technologies 3030 Harbor Lane North, Suite 104 Plymouth, MN 55447, United States +01 763-398-8111 www.cadybt.com Become a Wildix Partner The Wildix partner strategy is really effective because it allows an organization that is used to installing on-premise equipment to slide right into this hosted option without changing their model other than the way …

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Let's stand up together for women's rights

Wildix CEO Steve Osler Announces Healthcare Protections for Wildix US Employees

From Steve Osler, CEO of Wildix: Significant progress has been made across the world with regard to women’s rights, from granting the right to vote to enforcing equal pay and opportunities. Millions have fought hard for these rights in many countries. Unfortunately, some seem determined to go backward. In choosing to revoke Roe vs. Wade …

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