Protel hotelsoftware offers hotel management solutions for every type of hotel:

  • protel Air – Cloud hotel software
  • The perfect solution for hotels of all sizes that don’t want to take on the burden of maintaining their own technical infrastructure. All you need is a device connected to the Internet.
  • protel On-Premise – Server based hotel software
  • An exclusive hotel management software for mid-market operators and large individual hotels, providing effortless process and fast, reliable access to all the information.


Wildix communication system integrates with FIAS protocol (Fidelio Interface Application Specifications).

Thanks to this integration, Wildix PBX can interact with protel PMS (Property Management System) and exchange the information on the following events:

  • Check-ins / check-outs of guests
    Additionally, hotel staff can block outgoing calls from vacant rooms upon guest checkout.
  • Set up wake-up calls
    Guests can set wake-up calls for one or more days from desk phones installed in the rooms.
  • Minibar charging
    Housekeepers can charge minibar from DECT phones or desk phones installed in the rooms.
  • Call billing
    Real-time statistics of outgoing calls per room and call billing.
  • Room status
    Hotel staff can change room status for occupied / vacant / clean / dirty.

Documentation: https://confluence.www.wildix.com/x/rAc8AQ


Wildix Hotel FIAS PMS integration matrix : Sheet1


Protel hotelsoftware has been developing and selling solutions specifically for the hotel industry and related sectors since 1994. Today over 14,000 hotel customers and hotel management schools in 90+ countries are using the protel platform.


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