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Company Description

ISICOM is an IT company founded in 1995. A pioneer in the field of computer telephony coupling (CTI), the company has laid the foundations for what appears today to be a reference for contact center management software.

ISICOM is the designer of a software suite allowing companies to manage their customer relationships in multichannel mode.

More than a simple supplier, ISICOM positions itself as a partner in order to provide with a reliable and robust solution to meet their customers objectives and the expectations.

It is this partnership that will guarantee the ultimate success in the installation and implementation of an efficient Contact Center. Their experience acquired with more than 3000 customers allows them to be advice and force of proposal so their users take full advantage of the relationships with their contacts and that they can concentrate on the essential: their activity.

Product Description

InterACT by ISI-COM is an omni-channel customer interaction management solution. The solution not only allows to catch, analyse, prioritise and dispatch telephone interactions, but also emails, web interactions (web forms, webchats, webcallbacks), video interactions, social networks or chatbots requests. This would be in compliance with the business management rules of the end customer.

InterACT solution is based on the latest technical innovations such as semantic analysis, artificial intelligence and voice transcription to take the quality of customer relations even further.

The solution also provides in real time, via a 100% customisable supervision interface, or in cold mode, via more than 450 indicators, decision-making statistics on the performance of the contact centre.

Their assets? A simple and intuitive environment, for agents, supervisors and administrators alike, a strong and native connectivity with the IS and above all a complete interface, from piloting to the monitoring of the status of the workstations with Wildix telephony.

On the program :

  • optimization of the overall performance of the company,
  • reduction in waiting and processing times,
  • improvement in resolution at first contact,
  • reduction in re-call rates,
  • increase in turnover
Supported integration feature

The interface between Wildix and InterACT is mainly technical. InterACT connects to the Wildix account of the customer in order to:

  • Click-to-call
  • Call transfer
  • Pause / resume calls
  • Group calls / conferences
    Windows Pop-uP
  • Internal chat (with agents equipped with the ISI-COM banner only)
  • Presence management (with agents equipped with the ISI-COM banner only)
  • History of requests
  • Unified Directory
  • Personal Statistics

Please note that InterACT is compatible with the following CRM/ERP.

Wildix provides the solution for managing telephone communications, including a SIP trunk to InterACT. This interface is possible thanks to the use of adhoc APIs provided by Wildix.


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