The Smart Browser-Based Platform for Managing Your Leads

Wildix is the first solution that created a booster for each step of the customer journey. x-bees is the perfect tool to drive sales, convert leads into customers and keep customers engaged and satisfied, avoiding churn. Match x-bees with WebRTC Kite and Wizywebinar for generating leads.

The Wildix Customer Journey Boosters
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There are plenty of solutions for communication and collaboration, but most are not designed to achieve your business’s specific goal: to grow your revenue and increase your close rate. In fact, salespeople and employees spend too much time with these solutions on non-profitable activities – such as filing customers and prospects profiles, updating contacts, skipping from a software to another and from a device to another – due to unintuitive design that was not built for sales processes.

When you need a tool to increase your sales, manage customers, win over prospects and communicate with colleagues in the easiest way possible, there’s just one option: you have to Bee Smart.

x-bees – the only sales platform that lets you save 25% of your time in daily operations, improving your performance in converting leads into customers.

x-bees is Wildix’s web-based platform for internal and external communications. It allows you to collaborate with colleagues and manage leads from one single access point, reducing time spent on daily operations by 25% per employee while empowering sales performances.

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Wizywebinar lets prospects join and enjoy webinars, and lets you convert them into customers. The webinar platform that educates visitors, engages them, and turns them into profitable leads.

Why bees?

Because they’re the most collaborative animals in nature.

They are fast, productive and most of all, cooperative in working to expand their hive.
Bee like them with Wildix!