Wizyconf – the first professional easy-to-use Web conference by Wildix

Global UC&C Vendor Wildix is increasing its already impressive hardware range with the introduction of a dedicated Video Conference Room Solution that utilises WebRTC and Google Chrome OS. 

Wizyconf, Promises great things with the user having total control from the Wand, a specially designed remote control that gives the end users total control and even allows them to initiate a conference within 30 seconds by simply clicking a few buttons.

The Room solution itself is completed with a fixed point, 4K, 120 Degree wide angle field of view camera, a full HD camera that can be controlled via the wand to focus and zoom on the required users and two studio quality microphones to ensure perfect audio. Customers have the option to go for 1, 2 or even 3 screens that are all connected and wired to the specially designed stand that even includes cable management.

Wizyconf - the first professional easy-to-use Web conference by Wildix

Introducing the solution, CTO Dimitri Osler said: “Using the Power of Google Chrome OS to provide this functionality in a dedicated i7 Small form factor Conference controller not only makes the solution simple to use but also goes along with our Secure By Design development, along with each and every other product we provide, Google have in fact offered a reward of $2.7 Million dollars to anyone that can manage to infiltrate Chrome OS.”

Ian Rowan, UK Channel Manager added: “Video Conferencing and Room Solutions have been around for many years but cost prohibitive for most SME companies, recently we have seen many informal Video Conferencing solutions come to market that allow you to use Laptops, Desktops and Mobile phones as a conferencing device, we have the same within our own Collaboration solution but using our own range of Plug and Play hardware it gives the user a complete solution and our partners a single vendor solution for supply and support.

Last year we introduced the Wizyconf Huddle, a small, Plug and Play device that supports Full 1080p Video, 120 degree wide angle viewing and 360 degree audio, this has gone on to be one of our most popular devices, I am sure our partners will embrace Wizyconf with the same enthusiasm, our conferencing hardware bridges the gap between informal and formal conferencing solutions allowing participants to join from any mixture of devices ensure the best possible experience to all involved.