The first professional easy-to-use Web conference

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Wizyconf puts a magic wand in managers’ hands… well, it’s a remote control actually.

No more worries about how to configure and set-up the conference. No more wasting your time trying to set up the station, no more IT men to bother, no more spider web of cords on the Board table: just a luxury, golden platform.

VIDEO - The first professional easy-to-use Web conference

30 seconds to configure it; just one simple remote control to turn it on and create a conference. It’s made to be used through the Wildix Collaboration on the manager’s PC.

Two cameras: one 4k wide-angle 120 degrees, and a high definition PTZ camera to film a whiteboard or the speaker in detail.

Its two microphones were created for music recording studios. Microphones in Wizyconf are invisible to the users – they can be installed on the ceiling or on the desk with a minimal impact.


  • Running on Chrome OS + WebRTC: no more problems with updates or driver incompatibility. The most secure conference station, a complete shell against any kind of hacking
  • Easy-to-use — believe it or not, it takes 30 seconds to set up the conference — use remote control to turn on the conference and create a room.
  • The conference supports up to 3 monitors with an essential stand. Two webcams are included: the first one is 4K Ultra HD, static, with a wide 120 degrees angle with a top quality autofocus function. The second camera is a PTZ which offers 12 X optical zoom.
  • Two HD microphones with exceptional audio quality, invisible to the users — they can be installed on the ceiling or on the desk.

Main Components

Chrome OS PC

1 ultra HD 4K static webcam with 120° angle

1 HD PTZ webcam with optical zoom

2 ceiling / desk mics

1 remote controller

1 aluminum height-adjustable TV cart