x-hoppers by Wildix Reduces Theft by Up to 60% With Exciting Partnership

Press release

Unified communications company signs exclusive global integration partnership with Veesion, the AI camera software provider

Tallinn, Estonia — February 23, 2023 — Wildix and Veesion are pleased to announce their five-year partnership to deliver unique AI camera capabilities to the x-hoppers retail solution. The move comes as interest increases in stopping retail theft and enhancing business opportunities for retailers through improved integration with their e-commerce profile and physical stores.
Veesion AI camera monitoring software helps detect theft without human input. It analyses images coming through each camera, processes them and assigns probabilities to each action the subject makes. Once the probability of theft exceeds a certain threshold, it can trigger an alert. The system can reduce theft by up to 60%, especially when used with on-floor headset systems.
x-hoppers is a complete retail headset solution that delivers process efficiencies for retailers through enhanced communications. When paired with Veesion AI cameras, it provides an audio alert through the headset or through a PA system, making it easy for staff to intercept and detain suspected shoplifters.
“Many companies are talking about AI right now and they are referencing how this will change things in the future,” said Ian Rowan, country manager of Wildix UK. “With the AI that Veesion has developed, they are delivering solutions today that are helping in a business sector that has and continues to face many challenges. Having this AI integrated into x-hoppers is not only going to help retailers but also provide more value to our partners who trust Wildix to provide best-of-breed solutions for their customers.”
Ian Rowan,
Country manager of Wildix UK
The partnership agreement will last for five years, ensuring x-hoppers can take full advantage of the exciting possibilities that Veesion offers. It’s applicable to the North American and European markets where both Wildix and Veesion have made their homes.
“The fight against shoplifting has entered a new era,” said Baudouin Buguet, head of partnerships at Veesion. “Shoplifting is rising, and some stores have to close because of it. That’s why we have developed an AI that will automatically detect suspicious gestures of theft inside a store and will help many retailers to reduce their shrinkage. With our new partner Wildix, it will be even easier for staff members and security guards to act quickly and prevent theft from happening.”
Baudouin Buguet, head of partnerships at Veesion
Baudouin Buguet,
Head of partnerships at Veesion
Both systems are available for purchase globally and can be installed with the help of dedicated MSPs. To learn more about Wildix, click here. To learn more about Veesion, click here.

See the integration between Veesion and x-hoppers in action