Unified Communications

Communication that is good for Your business

Wildix offers Unified Communications solutions both for large and small business. UC solutions bring the company communication to a new level, enhance your tools and increase the speed and the accuracy of the daily operations.

This results in significant productivity growth.

Integration with Software & Applications

Communications-Enabled Business Processes: Wildix Unified Communications solutions enter the business processes to enhance the workplace efficiency and improve the productivity of your team.
Wildix Unified Communications solution integrates with the software and applications used in the company (CRM, ERP) to ensure the robust and reliable infrastructure, easy to set up and to manage.

Bring Your Own Device: BYOD

Bring Your Own Device: Wildix solution is ready for the implementation of the BYOD strategy. Your employees can access the Unified Communications services from theirĀ personally owned smartphones and tablets.

Call traffic analysis: MONITORING & REPORTING

Without control and analysis there is no strategy. Wildix offers you real-time call activity monitoring tools and SLA metrics.

The most complete VOIP solution

Wildix is a complete SIP/XMPP and Unified Communications solution, also for multi-site companies.