Cordless DECT handsets
W-AIR system

The first Dect phones designed for businesses, able to increase your productivity and secure-by-design

W-AIR is a turnkey cordless DECT solution. Wildix offers a multicell DECT W-AIR Sync Plus Base Station solution that supports up to 16000 cordless VoIP handsets / headsets and a single cell W-AIR Small Business Solution.

W-AIR LifeSaver, W-AIR Office and W-AIR Basic are cordless VoIP phones fully integrated into the Wildix system and easy to install. The signal coverage is very extensive, thanks to the base-repeater system. W-AIR Med has an antibacterial coating and is specifically designed to be used in hospitals, nursing homes and medical facilities.

W-AIR system is developed on the CAT-iq protocol that allows data and voice transfer on the radio channel and offers advanced features, such as access to the shared phonebooks and presence status monitoring.

W-AIR DECT Handsets & Headset

W-AIR Basic

The Basic phone
for massive installations

  • 1,44’’ 128×128 pixels display
  • HD wide band audio
  • Integrated phonebooks
  • CAT-iq
  • Loudspeaker
  • 3.5 mm headset jack
  • Case with belt clip
    (optional, code WAIR-Basic-8PC)

W-AIR Basic (and WAIR-Basic-8PC)

W-AIR Office

Super Wide Roaming Area DECT Phone.
A productivity boost for your office

All the features of W-AIR Basic +

  • 2’’ TFT display (240 x 320)
  • Ruggedized design
  • PTT (Push to talk)
  • Alarm button
  • Bluetooth
  • Vibration
  • Belt clip

W-AIR LifeSaver

The DECT Phone designed to protect
Life and Business

All the features of W-AIR Office +

  • 2’’ TFT display, 176×220
  • Lone worker alarms
  • Pull cord
  • IP65


The Antibacterial Phone
to protect your Health and Business

All the features of W-AIR Office +

  • Antibacterial coating
  • IP65

W-AIR Headset

The Wireless headset
with the largest wireless roaming range in the world

W-AIR Headset is perfect for situations where mobility and continuity of communication are essential - airports, shopping malls, warehouses and offices located on multiple levels and floors.

The signal coverage of the Wildix W-AIR headset is guaranteed by the W-AIR DECT system.

This means that you can freely move throughout the whole coverage area, without worrying about call interruptions or sound quality.

  • CAT-iq
  • Multi-cell DECT support
  • Call answer & hangup
  • Mute and volume control
  • Talk time: up to 7 hours
  • Standby: 100 hours
  • HD Audio
  • Acoustic echo cancellation
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Two wearing styles: Headband and Earhook

W-AIR Multi-Cell solution

Wildix offers two types of base stations for multicell installations: W-AIR Sync Plus Base and W-AIR Base Outdoor.
Both base stations support PoE 802.3af.

W-AIR Multicell DECT system supports up to 4000 W-AIR Sync Plus bases or W-AIR Outdoor bases + Repeaters.

You can expand the system at any moment and connect up to 16000 cordless VoIP handsets by adding more base stations and repeaters which expand the base station’s signal coverage.

W-AIR  Sync Plus Base

  • Sync over Ethernet
  • Up to 16000 users per system
  • Up to 30 users registered to 1 base station
  • Up to 4000 bases per system
  • Up to 8 concurrent calls per base
  • Up to 8 concurrent handovers per base
  • Up to 3 repeaters per base *
  • Up to 5 concurrent calls per repeater
  • Up to 100 repeaters per system

* up to 50 bases – 3 repeaters
50 – 125 bases – 1 repeater
More than 125 bases – no repeater

W-AIR Outdoor Base

Especially designed for outdoor and cold environments.

  • Up to 1000 users per system
  • Up to 30 users registered to 1 base station
  • Up to 250 bases per system
  • Up to 8 concurrent calls per base
  • Up to 8 concurrent handovers per base
  • Up to 3 repeaters per base *
  • Up to 5 concurrent calls per repeater
  • Up to 100 repeaters per system
  • IP55 rated protection
  • Impact strength IK 08
  • Temperature range: -20 to 60° C
  • Flammability Tested against UL746C 5V
  • Nano coated PCB
  • Ultraviolet light exposure protected
  • Water exposure in accordance with UL 746C

W-AIR Single-Cell solution

To create a Wildix Small Business system it’s enough to install one Small Business Base Station to which you can connect up to 3 repeaters. Each system supports up to 8 cordless handsets.

W-AIR Small Business Base supports PoE 802.3af thanks to PoE Splitter.

W-AIR SB (Small business) base

  • Up to 8 users per system
  • Up to 4 concurrent calls
  • Up to 3 repeaters per base
  • No multicell


G.729 YES M700 requires an extra module Requires license
TLS / SRTP YES YES Requires license
Handset auto registration YES NO NO
Handset multi registration Up to 200 sites NO NO
Handset sharing YES YES Supported by some handsets, requires license
New Firmware notification and auto-upgrade YES NO NO
Headset jack YES YES On some handsets
Integrated PBX phonebooks YES NO NO
User presence YES NO NO
GAP compatible NO NO YES
NO dedicated DECT server YES YES DECT server required
Lone worker alarms 5 alarm types (W-AIR 150) Only alarm button Requires license
PTT (push-to-talk) YES (W-AIR 100/150) NO NO
Site survey mode YES NO NO


Wildix products are designed to be updated over time in order to adapt to changes in the IT landscape.
For this reason we want to ensure the perfect performance of our hardware and software upgrades for at least 5 years from the purchase date.

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