TAPI Integrations:
Wildix TAPI and WebAPI

Integration with Windows and Web applications

W-TAPI is a software component compatible
with all Wildix PBXs for TAPI integration.

W-TAPI application allows you to make and monitor the calls
from different Windows applications (Wildix TAPI) or webpages (Wildix Web API).


Wildix TAPI includes the basic call functions, such as dial, answer, hang up and additional functionality, such as hold, resume, transfer, conference.


  • Multiline (to control multiple users)
  • Functions in LAN and Internet environments
  • Uses a single port 5060 UDP
  • SIP protocol support
  • TSP is compatible with TAPI 2.1 and TAPI 3.0
  • Compatible with Windows XP and superior (32 and 64 bit)
  • Wildix devices are supported


Wildix Web API integrates with CRM, ERP software, Fias/Fidelio solutions and Web applications. Javascript Telephony API allows you to control the devices connected to the enterprise Wildix PBX.
Wildix Web API offers chat functionality and provides the information on the presence status and activity of the colleagues. Video calls are supported when used in together with Zero Distance application. Wildix Web API turns any web page into an Attendant Console.


  • make a call
  • hang up
  • answer a call
  • put a call on hold and resume
  • record a call
  • perform blind and attended call transfers
  • receive notifications
  • monitor the active calls
  • exchange chat messages with users
  • receive users presence status information and location (geolocation)
  • set up and communicate your own status and location
  • control Wildix devices


  • PBX accessible via Web
  • UC-Business or UC-Premium License

Wildix Web TAPI is compatible with the following browsers and superior:

  • Firefox 21
  • Opera 12
  • Google Chrome 27
  • Safari 6
  • IE 10