Integrate your web and management applications with Wildix

Integration with Windows and Web applications

Thanks to Wildix WebAPI and TAPI, your company can integrate your PBX with applications you already use.
Gain your competitive advantage by connecting your phone, your site, and your customers!

Subaru has installed the VOIP PBX with the Cloud formula that allows us a complete management through the integration with the CRM Salesforce platform. The installation was quick, and the technical support was excellent. Thanks to these technologies, we now have at our disposal effective and reliable tools that support us in our activities, always guaranteeing us cutting-edge solutions.
Marco Pitzalis
Subaru Europe

Wildix TAPI – for Windows applications

Wildix TAPI includes all the basic functions, such as call, answer, hang up and additional functions, such as wait, resume, transfer and conference.

W-TAPI characteristics:

Multiline (for controlling multiple users)

Functions in LAN and Internet environments

Uses a single 5060 UDP port

Uses a single 5060 UDP port

TSP is compatible with TAPI 2.1 and TAPI 3.0

Compatible with Windows XP and later (32 and 64 bit)

Wildix Device Support

WILDIX WEB API for Web applications

Wildix Web API integrates with your CRM, ERP, and Web application software. Through Javascript Telephony API you can manage the devices connected to your Wildix PBX. With Wildix Web API you can create custom dashboards, which allow you to manage the contact center in an advanced and functional way.

The Wildix Web API offers chat functionality, presence status information, and colleagues’ activities. Combined with Zero Distance, you can make calls and video calls. Wildix Web API transforms any web page into an Operator Station.

With Wildix WEB APIs you can:

make calls


answer a call

put on hold and resume the call

record the call

forward the call with blind and assisted transfer

receive notifications

monitor calls in progress

Exchange chat messages with users

have information on the status of user presence and location (geolocation)

set and communicate your presence and position status

use Wildix devices

Requirements for operation:

Web-based PBX

UC-Business or UC-Premium License

Wildix Web API is compatible with the following browsers and above:

Firefox 21

Opera 12

Google Chrome 27

Safari 6

IE 10