Mantova Outlet Village


We do not always wish to pass up on a new handbag, on the new set of towels we need, or on the new pair of larger shoes for our children growing up so fast.

For this Mantova Outlet Village helps us: it makes it possible to purchase the best brands at convenient prices, even without sales or promotions, being the largest shopping project in Italy, with a network made up of 3 Factory Outlet Centers spread out throughout the peninsula. In addition, Mantova Outlet Village is now part of the Mittel group, one of the first to be listed on the stock exchange in Milan.

With the diffusion of this new way of shopping, always more appreciated by Italians, the necessity to manage various locations has also advanced, one in Brescia, with 35 collaborators, one in Milan, where over 10 people are employed, and then the three locations of the actual outlets, Valmontone, Mantova and Molfetta. In order to connect all the people who revolve around the Mantova Outlet Village world, the group chose the Wildix communication system in September 2012.

Thanks to the installation carried out by G&B Connect, a company created in 1996 in the Milan area, which today boasts great experience and professionalism in the Telephone Market, Networking, Assistance and Cabling, and offers complete assistance which ranges from the development of projects to integrated solutions, the group communicates today thanks to a Wildix WGW90 PBX and Wildix desktop and cordless phones and has set up a single communication system which handles calls for the 5 locations.

Gabriele Carè, IT Manager of Mantova Outlet Village, affirms that he asked for the Wildix system after he himself took part in the technician training. Because of previously disappointing experiences, he wanted to, in fact, be the first to be sure of the stability of the hardware equipment and of the ease in using the web interface. Additionally, the system has made it possible for the company to save tens of thousands of Euro annually, thanks to the possibility of coordinating themselves through videoconferencing supported by Wildix Zero Distance, instead of out-of-town meetings or monthly subscriptions to competitor programs.

“Having a single communication system is a great advantage for us, because in the outlets we rent various offices to other companies, to whom we can then charge the exact costs of telephone calls made, without having to create further contracts or phone connections, making it possible to establish a relationship of total transparency.”

A group which has made saving for clients its strong point, knows how to drive down costs and achieve maximum efficiency.

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