The Lynx.fr, an important insurance comparator, decided in 2015 to change its telephony and opt for the Wildix solution.

Natacha Laverny, the office manager for LeLynx, explained: “We had a problem of homogeneity of our telephone network. Consisting of phones that were purchased on a commercial basis and were not working well, our equipment was unable to provide the basic telephony functionality such as call transfer and call forwarding in case of absence. As a young and dynamic team, we evolve in the company according to the rhythm of our projects, which requires a great deal of internal mobility for our employees, as well as for their work tools; i.e. the telephone. Except these changes were often hampered by different “logistics” problems, when for example a desk phone had to be moved because of network cabling limitations. Added to this, is an expensive operator contract; and now we are faced with a very difficult situation – prompting us to break our commitment a year and a half in advance. Penalty fees that will be amortized at the end of the year.”

LeLynx then contacted Jean Camier, director of ASMI, a long-standing Wildix partner based in Cergy, and explained his difficulties.

“I quickly realized that Wildix’s IP DECT architecture was the best solution. Utilizing mobility, economy and innovation, the W-AIR network combined with Wildix Collaboration quickly emerged as the answer to their expectations. Later, on June 29, 2016, we deployed a physical iPBX with 40 WAIR Basic Dect wireless phones and a standard WP490 phone, plus 3 expansion modules with 20 keys each. The 2 DECT base stations will be sufficient enough to cover the 450m2 of office space,” Camier tells us.

One of the most important requirements of LeLynx.fr was the possibility of simply administering the telephone system in a stand-alone manner (making minor modifications). Jean Camier follows up with a reduced training of the WMS administration system to Olivier Rivaton, the web project manager of LeLynx.

The WMS interface is really easy to use. I quickly took over the system. Today, we are able to manage user accounts and lines to the operator, as well as create restriction rules without the help of an external provider. We can even create call queues with round robin strategy of dialing call agents, where the call is transferred to the available users of the same group in turn” says Olivier Rivaton.

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