Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort

Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort

Perfectly located on the shores of the beautiful Lugano lake, right in the heart of a vast 30 000 sq m park, the Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach resort accommodates 111 suits and apartments overlooking the lake. Almost 3 000 sq m of the private beach, swimming pools, Spa and Wellness Center are at the guests’ disposal.

Since 1971 promoters and investors had been searching for a piece of land in Ticino and Northern Italy region, to construct a one-of-a-kind vacation spot. They had to wait till the end of the ‘90s to finally see their dreams come true. After all, they have managed to create a unique in its kind holiday site, where the happiness and well-being of guests is the mission of the entire work team.

To pursue this mission, one should be very attentive to details. Internal and external communication is one of such very important details. This is why the Resort has decided to replace the old Italtel Andromeda Medium PBX with the most prominent communication system. At the end, the Parco San Marco has chosen the Wildix Multimedia System for 250 users, since it allows to connect all the phones in the hotel rooms, apartments and in the whole Resort, and it integrates with Protel– one of the most popular management systems in the hospitality industry.

What does it all mean?

Giovanna Lancetti, Rooms Division Manager of the Resort explains: “It means that each guest can make a call from the room and the cost of the call will be automatically charged to his or her account. It means that the front desk agents can always be reached by the phone, also in situations when they are physically not at the reception desk, since the new system allows full mobility”.

“It just can’t be compared to the old legacy PBX, the possibilities of the new system are so much greater. In addition, “Telefonia e Sicurezza” company, Wildix’ partner and installer, provides great technical support, they are always punctual, precise and quick to respond to our calls.”

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