Customs Clearing & Freight Forwarding Center

Customs Clearing & Freight Forwarding Center

Customs Clearing & Freight Forwarding Center CSD introduces the Wildix VoIP system

The company CSD–Customs Clearing & Freight Forwarding Center–has been working in the field of consulting and assistance in customs and fiscal matters for foreign trade for 20 years. Founded in 1993 in Civitanova Marche, CSD meets the growing needs of the companies, consulting them on Intrastat documents, customs duties and taxation on the territory of the European Community.

The company collaborates with its partner, SCS, based in Rimini, for international shipping, and with a law firm to offer professional advice in customs and tax matters. The territory of CSD competence is not limited to the European Economic Community, the company is also present in the Far East market, with an office in China. In addition, CSD organizes educational seminars to update its customers on the new regulations and standards promulgated by the Customs Office.

The company is proud of its ISO 9001 certified quality management system, recognized by the European Community Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

“A company that offers its services on a global scale, is positive that technological innovation is a primary source for growth and productivity”, says Daniele Paolini, the CSD CED. To empower the communication tools and introduce new features, the company has decided to replace the old phone system in the registered office with the VoIP PBX.

Microtel, the company based in Morrovalle (MC) has carried out the installation of the new communication system for CSD. Thanks to 15 years of experience and the partnership with Wildix, transition to VoIP went fast and smooth, without any interruption to the services.

Wildix System of 90 extensions was installed in the main office in Civitanova Marche. The PBX manages also the call traffic of SCS Partner in Rimini and China office. In those offices, remote VoIP phones connected to the PBX have been installed. Each employer of the company has access to the Unified Communications features, such as Presence and Instant Messaging, via Wildix Collaboration. Thanks to the Mobility service, full reachability of employees, consultants and sales managers is guaranteed. They can receive the calls to their mobile phones same as to their office phones. Several more services have been introduced, such as Fax Server and integration with the CRM, already existent in the company.

According to Mr. Paolini, the benefits of Wildix solution could be seen immediately. The Server Farm allowed the company to gain much space and remove unnecessary cabling of the old telephony system. VoIP calls allow for considerable savings, especially for calls to mobile numbers and foreign countries. It also allows for a detailed call costs analysis.

The WMS software, the heart of the Wildix system, is completely web based, does not require any installation, and allows the IT managers to administer the PBX and configure all the devices via the browser. All the operations can be performed online, from any device, from any location. The CSD staff has welcomed the Unified Communications features with great interest and has started using them immediately. Moreover, the system interfaces with the CRM existent in the company, synchronizing all the corporate phonebooks and facilitating the search and management of contacts.

Thanks to the Wildix Fax Server it is possible to send and receive faxes in a digital format via email. The implementation of Fax Server has shortly resulted in considerable savings through elimination of fax machines, paper and toner expenditures, but above all, it has greatly reduced the fax transmission time.

CSD regularly organizes educational seminars that are streamed online, with the aim to update its customers on the new regulations and norms issued by the Customs Office. The company is now considering to implement the Wildix Videoconferencing system that would allow the customers to attend online seminars.


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