Wildix Celebrates 10 Years of WebRTC

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Wildix Celebrates 10 Years of WebRTC

Tallinn, Estonia — May 30, 2023 — Wildix is excited to celebrate its 10-year anniversary with WebRTC. The in-browser communications technology is critical to modern unified communications, and it’s now widely adopted among vendors.
The purpose of WebRTC was to implement real-time communications across multiple browsers, reducing the amount of time developers have to spend programming. Similar to the way HTML and text became open and available to all, WebRTC’s purpose was to democratize video and voice.
“We believed that web-based unified communications were the way forward, and our first full UC client in 2009 was also fully based on web technologies. When we discovered WebRTC, we immediately saw its potential and jumped on the wagon to create clients that could use it. Ten years later, and we haven’t looked back"
Dimitri Osler
Dimitri Osler,
CTO and Founder of Wildix
WebRTC is one of just several core technologies behind Wildix’s services, which include Collaboration, Wizyconf, Wizywebinar, x-bees, Kite and x-hoppers. Even now, Wildix is one of the few services that make use of WebRTC for anything other than trunking, and many only use it for audio. With Wildix solutions, WebRTC is even used for remote screen control, showcasing its potential.
“The use of WebRTC means that we don’t have to create a hard client, which ensures deployment across multiple systems is simple,” continues Dimitri. “The growth of WebRTC and Google Chrome let our solutions be adapted for use in a variety of environments, and as other browsers added support, we could deploy to these browsers without additional NPAPI plugins.”
Wildix now has over a million WebRTC-based deployments, with end-users connecting to their clients, colleagues and other parties through browser-to-browser engagements and through SIP trunks.
“WebRTC has exploded in popularity, and it’s become the standard that makes it easy to connect,” notes Dimitri. “We’re proud to have blazed the trail and thoroughly developed the solution, and we’re grateful for all those who made it possible.”

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