Wildix Names AI and Analytics as Catalysts for Business Transformation at the Comms Dealer Channel Forecast

The March 2024 Comms Dealer Channel Forecast session, featuring industry experts, underscored the pivotal role of AI and analytics in driving business transformation and establishing differentiation amongst partners. The experts emphasized the need for immediate action to secure a competitive advantage in this rapidly evolving and competitive landscape.
Wildix Names AI and Analytics as Catalysts for Business Transformation at the Comms Dealer Channel Forecast
In a recent discussion on the future landscape of AI and analytics, Ian Rowan, the former Country Manager at Wildix, now CEO of x-hoppers, highlighted the profound and transformative impact these technologies will have on businesses, while cautioning against the pitfalls of clinging to legacy approaches in the realm of analytics and AI.
Ian critiqued a common trend in the industry where analytics are often treated as an afterthought, bundled into long-term solutions without proper alignment or attention. This oversight, he noted, not only diminishes the value of analytics but also leads to a loss of skills within the channel. Rowan stressed the importance of realigning strategies to match the shorter sales cycles unique to the telecoms sector, mirroring the agile approach adopted by analytics companies.
By addressing these challenges and fostering a new alignment between analytics and business strategies, Rowan believes that Wildix and other industry players can effectively harness the full potential of AI and analytics for value creation and business growth.