Wildix Announces Dates in the UK and Ireland for Its 2024 Roadshows

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The UK team will travel across the country to meet its future partners

Coventry — April 15, 2024 — Wildix, the leading European provider of UCaaS solutions in the UK, is proud to announce its series of roadshows where system integrators and IT specialists can meet the Wildix team. These events help MSPs become more familiar with the company and learn how Wildix can help enhance their business operations, increase revenue and achieve strategic goals, all while boosting efficiency.
Wildix Announces Dates in the UK and Ireland for Its 2024 Roadshows
As we kick off our 2024 UK roadshow, the Wildix team is excited to meet prospective partners and highlight our advanced UCaaS solutions. Our approach goes beyond simple technology demonstrations. Being 100% channel-focused, we emphasise building authentic relationships, addressing the unique challenges businesses encounter and revealing the vast opportunities for growth through partnership with Wildix.
Rob Loakes, Country Manager, Wildix UK
Rob Loakes
Country Manager, Wildix UK
The Wildix UK roadshows kick off with a series of engaging and exclusive events across the UK and Ireland, offering invaluable opportunities for attendees to connect with the Wildix team and learn about their comprehensive UCaaS solutions.
Further details on the UK roadshows:
To register, please visit the following page: wildix.com/roadshows.
These roadshows are part of Wildix’s ongoing commitment to engaging with partners and clients in the UK, building on the company’s success in delivering superior UCaaS solutions since 2017. With a significant partner network in the UK, Wildix is dedicated to providing MSPs with opportunities to explore new technologies and services that cater exclusively to the needs of modern businesses.
About Wildix:
Wildix is a global provider of UCaaS solutions, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of companies, particularly those with a focus on sales. Emphasising innovative technology and user-friendly designs, Wildix is set on transforming business communication and collaboration across various sectors.