Wildix declares war on ‘vampire’ vendors – Comms Dealer

Wildix has delivered a ‘go to war’ message to its growing army of European partners saying the big brand vendors are out to steal their customers.

At the company’s inaugural UCC Summit in Barcelona, last year, CEO Steve Osler branded them ‘The Walking Dead’. This year, at the same venue, they were portrayed as vampires, ready to suck the life out of reseller businesses.

The outspoken Italian does not pull any punches and has become something of an evangelist for the channel. His opening keynote was again highly uncharitable to competitive Cloud and UC providers.

“Every year thousands of companies are forced to close their doors due to competition from global brands that bypass installers and bring Cloud offerings directly to end users. You should declare war on these vampire vendors. They are the enemy, stealing your customers and sucking the life out of your business,” he said.