Wildix Celebrates Six Months of Reviewed by AWS Certification

With dedicated engineers and continuous infrastructure investment, the company has set its sights high in the cloud

Tallinn, Estonia — December 21, 2022 — Wildix, the only European UCaaS vendor on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, is proud to announce that it’s been six months since it was granted AWS certification. It follows seven years of continuous development and investment into its cloud infrastructure. Reviewed by AWS certification means that the infrastructure that Wildix is built on has met specific metrics and is fit for its intended purpose. Partners can promote Wildix’s Reviewed by AWS-certified solution as having guaranteed levels of uptime as well as regular penetration testing and other cybersecurity.
“It’s an incredible combination of hard work and having the right level of technical expertise within the team,” said Dimitri Osler, Founder and CTO of Wildix. “The Reviewed by AWS certification means that partners and end-users can use our solution confident that it’s built on a secure architecture, and our unique secure-by-design standard delivers the cybersecurity they need in today’s world.”
Dimitri Osler
Dimitri Osler,
Founder and CTO of Wildix
AWS Regions are located around the world, with core European servers in Dublin, London, Frankfurt and Paris. The latest two, in Aragon and Zurich, Switzerland, ensure that end-users can keep data within their chosen country.
“With AWS being a global provider,” said Dimitri, “it made sense to move our services to the AWS platform. The gradual increase in the number of regions means that partners can offer solutions with low latency and effective security that meets local data governance requirements, and the team at AWS has been outstanding. Whenever we’ve had issues, they’ve worked hard to solve them, a philosophy we follow in Wildix.”
AWS offers a range of technologies for those developing applications on the platform, including serverless technologies. These allow developers to scale applications infinitely without needing to allocate fixed server loads. As a result, they can add as many users as they need without having to adjust loads, resulting in much better stability as the application userbase grows.
With AI technologies just around the corner and increased opportunities as a result of the incoming AI revolution, Wildix is poised to grow even further while still remaining secure. To learn more about Wildix, click here.