Wildix Hosts the UC&C Summit 2023

Press release

Viewed by over 1,300 online attendees, the virtual event discussed UC&C market scarcity and ways to thrive in the new year

Tallinn, Estonia — January 17 — Earlier today, over 1,300 UC&C specialists from around the world enjoyed the UC&C Summit 2023 hosted by Wildix, the yearly knowledge-sharing event for digital communications experts. Throughout the event, attendees had a first look at new market innovations from Wildix and gained critical insight into the state of the UC&C market. Headlining the summit was internal leadership from Wildix, as well as special guests from partnering organizations including ValueSelling, AchieveUnite and Salesforce.
The UC&C Summit this year operated on the theme of scarcity and urgency, informed by the uncertainty that pervaded the UCaaS market in 2022. While the threats of inflation and even recession dominated economic forecasts across all sectors, unified communications faced the particular threat of the largest industry players landing long-term customer contracts through cloud services and subscription payment models.
“Customers that are signing up for a new cloud PBX in 2023 will not change these PBXs anymore until the PBX goes for good,” explained Steve Osler, Wildix co-founder and CEO. “This is the reason why this year’s summit is about scarcity and urgency: Everyone is grabbing what they can and trying to convert them to recurrent cloud solutions. As a result, 2023 is the year in which you have to convert your remaining customers from CapEx to OpEx.”
Steve Osler
Steve Osler
Wildix co-founder and CEO
Panelists emphasized using subscription models to their advantage in the face of this threat but also spoke on the importance of selling technology relevant to modern business needs.
“Customers today care less and less about PBXs and more about closing deals,” said Dimitri Osler, Wildix co-founder and CTO. “So what’s next after the PBX market is dead? Customer communication platforms. These platforms create opportunities and maximize the chances of closing deals by increasing customer interactions. From a business owner’s perspective, there’s always a need to invest in a solution that can achieve that.”
Dimitri Osler
Dimitri Osler
Wildix co-founder and CTO
Focusing on that business angle of increasing sales through improved customer communications, the summit’s lineup of speakers brought a wide range of perspectives to the table, better preparing attendees for however tumultuous 2023 becomes.