Wildix WebRTC Kite

Leverage your corporate website to win new customers

Wildix Kite is a professional solution for business communication
based on the WebRTC technology that brings
Unified Communications to the website.

With Wildix Kite a website visitor can communicate with the company call agents via:

chat, audio and video call, desktop sharing and file transfer,

Wildix WebRTC Kite

all this with just one click.
Kite is fully integrated into Wildix Unified Communication system and it turns the corporate website into an efficient marketing tool.

VIDEO - What is Kite?

The goal of the University was to offer more advanced and innovative services to our students. With Kite they [students] just open a webpage, indicate the course they are following, see the operators who are available at the moment and have a direct access to the information, in comfort, from home or from the library.


Emiliano De Rossi,
Telephony and UC Manager at Roma TRE University (Italy)

WebRTC Kite Desktop sharing

WebRTC Kite features



  • Decide which information to display: agent’s personal image, presence information, geolocation
  • Choose whether an external user must perform authorization or skip it to access to Kite service
  • Use Kite in any form: Kite embedded into Contacts website page, Contact-me button, HTML signature with chat/call button, Widget that remains open while the customer navigates the website

Okay, I’ve got Kite, how can I skip authorization?

Okay, I’ve got Kite, where can I create my signature?

Okay, I’ve got Kite, where can I generate the widget code?


The real estate company MyLeane has a branch office in Thonon-les-Bains, on the Lake Geneva and one in Louhans, Bourgogne (France). Both are wonderful places.

The company’s sales managers didn’t want to miss a single information request from a potential customer on the corporate website.

Today, thanks to the Kite service available on the website homepage, customers can communicate with the company call agents via chat, call, video and, why not – even take a virtual tour.


Agrieuro is the most important portal in Italy for agriculture, machinery and gardening equipment.

The company has introduced Kite service because it’s not solely the button to contact the customer assistance, but the possibility to get in touch directly with each team member. Customers can even choose the language they prefer.

Sales, shipping departments and company management in faces, to ensure the most efficient and simple customer service.


Everybody knows that Italy is the capital of fashion, design and quality handicraft.

Tirabasso Group, the european leader in the industry of hats manufacturing, has decided to combine tradition and innovation while modernizing their website, and to provide their customers with the simple and direct way to contact the company.

Kite is available in the form of widget while navigating the corporate website. Kite is present on the Contacts page, in the form of call buttons allowing a direct contact with each team member and displaying the realtime presence information for each person.